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Healtheries Simple Berry Light Cereal

By Ruzti on 02 April 2009 | Viewed 6882 times


This is a combination of lightly toasted corn and rice cereals, with a blend of berries (Cranberries, blueberry and strawberry flakes) and raisins.


It is Wheat and Gluten free, only contains 1.3 grams of fat per serving. Tastes amazing, contains real berries and is a good source of fibre. It is also great because it is made right here in New Zealand which I am a great fan of.


It’s a bit pricey but is totally worth is :D

Bottom Line

It’s a great way to start your day, and kids would love it to because it tastes really good.


Price Paid - $5.69

Comments about this product / add yours

Hey sorry guys got the price wrong, it’s actually $5.69, if you could change it Teresa that would be cool…sorry once again.

Posted by Ruzti  on  14/04/09  at  06:57 AM

Love this cereal one of my favorites grin

Posted by Libs  on  23/04/09  at  11:47 AM

They changed the ingredients and have turned a great cereal into a so-so cereal.  I won’t buy the cereal anymore. I am afraid I will chip a tooth on the new blueberry flakes they have added.

Posted by Diane  on  12/10/09  at  07:29 PM

This product was reviewed by Consumer magazine in Feb 2011. They paid $6.41 and report favourably on all nutritional aspects except fibre, which is less than recommended.

Posted by nodd7  on  19/02/11  at  10:29 PM

Not a happy customer!  Ridiculous portion!  i spend over $18 on cerel per week for myself and my dad!  I was diagnosed with Ceoliac disease at the age of 3 and unlike most who perhaps rate this cereal close to 5star who are on a Gfree/wheat free diet by choice, I have NO CHOICE!  This is too pricey and NOT WORTH IT!  I hate NEw Zealand!  Thanks alot HEALTHeRIES for your contribution!

Posted by givnikR  on  23/08/11  at  08:23 AM

I also have coeliacs and have no choice in not eating gluten, but I do have a choice in what cereal to buy! There are heaps of cheap options, I make my own porridge with rice flakes, quinoa flakes, dried fruit and honey. Tasty and cheap. Save the expensive cereals for treats! Or if you really don’t think they are worth it, then just don’t buy it.
Companies like Healtheries are making things easier for us by providing more options.

Posted by FP  on  05/09/11  at  11:58 AM

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