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Laucke Easy Bakers Bread Mix

By Cookie Bear on 07 July 2009 | Viewed 8626 times


Introducing Easy Bakers Bread Mix:
Baking bread is quick and easy with Easy Bakers mixes.
Just add water, mix and bake. Bread lasts two to three days and freezes well. Incredibly versatile formulation makes bread, cakes, pancakes, pizza bases, rolls, tortillas, batters, and wraps.

• Gluten/Wheat/Yeast/Dairy/Egg Free
• No animal products
• No preservatives
• Two flavours: plain white and meals & grain
• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Easy to make
Just add water / rise / bake / eat..Real value for little effort

The 1kg box contains two individual 500gm bags of baking mix, each makes one 850gm loaf of bread. Retails around $9.90 which works out at under $5.00 per loaf.


Too easy to eat (fresh bread) yummy

Bottom Line

Best bread mix ever made..white or grains


Price Paid - $9.90

Comments about this product / add yours

I bought 1 box and went home and made the bread, easy indeed.  Our son who has just recently been diagnosed as Gluten free, came home and did the taste test, he loved it
Went back and bought a whole bunch of boxes.
Easy to make, none of my loaves have fault as yet, and best of all.  You can make sandwiches for the lunch box from this bread.

Posted by Adith Stoneman  on  01/04/12  at  10:20 PM

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