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Marx Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free Flaxmeal bread

By Jasmine on 19 June 2008 | Viewed 7045 times

Marx Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free Flaxmeal bread


Made locally in St Heliers, Auckland, this bread is a tasty gluten, wheat & dairy free alternative, with a firm texture great fresh or toasted.


The sesame and sunflower seeds add to its yummy taste, and although its firm it isn’t stodgy or heavy. Soy-Free as well.


Costs around $8.50 but worth it if you are looking for a good Gluten Free bread that also tastes good.

Bottom Line

The nicest bread I have tried so far!


Gluten free flours (GMO free), sugar, salt, yeast, water, vegetable gum, sunflower seeds, flaxmeal, sesame seeds, linseed, canola oil (GMO free). NO soy.

Price Paid - $8.50

Comments about this product / add yours

All Marx breads freeze well, too! Also check out Marx’s panini and crusty Italian loaves…their panini are a lifesaver at work if you’ve got access to a panini/toastie maker.

Posted by erakol  on  07/10/08  at  07:58 AM

I love this bread, its the only gluten free bread that i have found and really liked! Its great to have gluten free bread that not a white bread as all the others seem to be.
It is expensive, but the loaves are bigger than the ones you buy from the Supermarket.

Posted by Kirstie  on  14/05/09  at  11:46 PM

This is my favourite Marx bread that I have tried so far.  Really good either with sweet or savoury toppings.  A bit expensive, but certainly a real treat!

Posted by ClaireO  on  01/08/09  at  05:49 AM

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