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Signature Range Chicken Stock

By Teresa on 08 April 2009 | Viewed 10788 times


Finally a stock I can use and like the taste of! This stock is liquid and comes in a pouch of either 500mls or 1Ltr. Made from 100% natural ingredients, no msg, and 99% Fat Free.


No msg and 100% natural. Easy to use and tastes great! Also made in New Zealand. Reasonable price of $1.95 (on special) for 500mls.


Would be excellent if they used packaging that could be recycled. Only available through certain supermarket chains such as Countdown.

Bottom Line

I now have a pantry full of this stock, I love it! I just wish their customer service staff would get back to me about the rest of their stock range.


Derived from: Chicken, Flavoured with: Fresh vegetables (onions, celery), parsley, white wine, bay leaves, cloves, thyme and rosemary.

Price Paid - $2.15

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