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Totally Gluten Free Bakery

By Christina on 02 May 2009 | Viewed 16127 times


A wonderful Gluten Free treasure trove in Christchurch.  They have a multitude of baked goods, including bread that (for the first few days) you can eat without having to toast first.

Can also ship to Nelson, Otago, South Canterbury & West Coast


A Totally Gluten Free Bakery!

A “TGF” (totally gluten free) flour mix-2 kg for $10.50;  Makes cooking/baking a breeze!

GF sliced bread (that freezes well, and when fresh, you can eat untoasted without it crumbling)
Pizza & pizza shells
Cakes, can make to order
Yummy gingerbread cookies (stars), perfect accompaniment for a cup of tea


Gingerbread stars used to come in packs of 8, and now come in packs of 4 without a price decrease :-(
Recently changed their banana muffin recipe, for the worse in my opinion.

Bottom Line

Have taken to making a lot more of my own things, but still stick with them for reasonably priced good bread, and goodies when the cravings hit.


Also make dairy-free products

Price Paid - $

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Agree - this bakery is fantastic. Their cheese scones are my favourite, but the Boston Bun is pretty good too… the best thing of all is their prices are reasonable, especially compared to the crazy amount it can often cost for gluten free treats. Definitely worth a visit!

Posted by FP  on  03/03/09  at  06:24 AM

This bakery is truly fantastic, I have Coeliac’s disease myself and a son with Autism who is on a Gluten Free / Dairy Free diet - not only are all the products GF but the majority DF as well, which has made life so much easier for our family. Everything tastes terrific and having the reassurance that there can be no cross contamination as everything is Gluten Free is great.

Posted by Kiri van Soest  on  01/04/09  at  09:08 AM

i love this bakery i went in the other day and they had gf bagels they where amazing!!!!!

Posted by amyj  on  20/05/09  at  11:31 AM

This bakery has been a blessing in disguise.  I buy my bread from there and recently found the buck wheat and seed loaf - it is the best ever bread - lovely and moist.
Only downside of this bakery is that if you don’t get in early in the day you can miss out.
Their flour is great and reasonably priced too.  Scones are delicious - better than anything I have been able to make using gf products.
Staff are friendly too.

Posted by amcb  on  31/05/09  at  12:41 AM

Hi We are an Organic Health food store and would be interested in your bread products. Please could you send or email us a wholesale catalouge and price list.

Kind Regards

Jayne Ellingham
Food for Thought Organics
69 Ruataniwha St Waipukurau
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand 4200

Posted by Food for Thought Organics  on  09/07/09  at  11:36 PM

This is the best Gluten Free bakery in Christchurch. The food tastes better than regular gluten products. They even have Scones, Pizza Bases, Rolls, Buns, all sorts of delicious breads, ready made pizzas, iced buns etc. Biscuits, and a huge range of other great products.
Being Gluten intolerant is very inconvenient but this bakery makes it a cinch to eat well and feel great!

Posted by David Bately  on  13/08/09  at  05:09 AM

Huge support for the TGFBakery.  The ladies there are super helpful and friendly, and really supportive too.  Their prices are great, and they are committed to keeping prices real for us.  They offer a great delivery service to Rangiora on Wednesdays for only $1 extra.
Try their dark buckwheat and seed loaf. A must if you’ve been missing the multi-grained breads.

Posted by TuahiwiNic  on  22/01/10  at  12:21 AM

excellent bakery staff so helpful products are just delicious they have a great range of product their gf four mix is very reasonable. awesome gluten free shop

Posted by barbie  on  25/01/10  at  12:19 AM

i agree with all the comments above! we are new to the gluten-free lifestyle - my daughter is thriving finally - and a friend recommended this bakery…and it has been a lifeline! thanks you for all their amazing work!

Posted by spacedna  on  05/06/10  at  09:40 AM

We stock the TGFB range at

7 DURHAM STREET, RANGIORA (03 313 5212). 

Bread is delivered on Wednesdays and Fridays and orders can be taken on Tuesday and Thursday.  Orders can also be put in for any of their products so come and see us and check out our range of gluten free goodies!

Posted by No! The Gluten and Allergy Free Shop  on  04/10/10  at  06:53 PM

I have been using this shop for several years now there bread is the best you can get.  Christmas goodies are awesome too. grin

Posted by ona  on  15/11/10  at  03:29 AM

I agree, the TGFB has great product range they deliver, you can order ahead and there bircher muesli is nice too. great staff very helpful

Posted by malbec  on  22/01/11  at  07:54 PM

Hey guys, update on the address is 477B Blenheim Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch 8042.


Posted by Totally Gluten Free Bakery  on  25/10/11  at  10:27 PM

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