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fluufy, light, easy, delicious! had to add a little more milk though smile

By gracie on 22/08/2013

From the entry 'Thick & Fluffy Pancakes - Jamie Oliver Style'.

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This is an interesting recipe. I like all types of breads and I like experimenting too. So i guess I’ll try this one soon. Thank you for sharing this! smile

By Angela Z on 18/08/2013

From the entry 'Injera Bread (Ethiopian Flat Bread)'.

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Gluten Free Breads & Baking Recipes

Flat Bread ›

  • 1 Comment

I really missed the softness of bread, but didn’t like the taste or texture of commercial gluten free products .This recipe is easy and quick to make. Lovely fresh from the pan, split and filled with your favourite filling, a great substitute for real bread. You can even toast it.

By Dolphin on 26 May 2008 | Viewed 19244 times Read on ›

Christmas Fruit Mince Pies ›

  • 54321

A Christmas favourite in our house. These can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. The end product may be a bit crumblier than gluten containing pies, but they still taste delicious.

By Teresa on 17 December 2007 | Viewed 17592 times Read on ›

Gingerbread Men ›

  • 54321

A favourite recipe, but Gluten Free. Decorate with Icing and hang these on your Christmas Tree, or keep them in the cupboard for when unexpected guests pop over. Also great for the kids lunchboxes.

By Teresa on 17 December 2007 | Viewed 15638 times Read on ›

Gluten free rice bubble cakes ›

  • 54321

My kids love rice bubble cakes. I have adapted the original recipe by using Hubbards ‘Thank goodness’ cereal instead of the usual rice bubbles.  It works really well, and the added fruit and nut pieces really do it justice

By villagirl on 19 November 2007 | Viewed 47044 times Read on ›

Banana Goldies ›


When the lady at Hubbards made these they stayed in a container on her desk so she could enjoy them whenever she felt like it.  They stayed fresh for a week. You can view my recipe on the Hubbards website: in the recipe section.  You can also visit Zillion for more info.  This recipe is Gluten and dairy free smile

By Herika on 18 October 2007 | Viewed 22389 times Read on ›

Banana Bread (Gluten Free) ›


Very “Yummy”

By mybear on 16 July 2007 | Viewed 15343 times Read on ›

Thick & Fluffy Pancakes -  Jamie Oliver Style ›

  • 43210
By Teresa on 15 June 2007 | Viewed 171360 times Read on ›

Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins ›

  • 54321
By Teresa on 15 June 2007 | Viewed 14885 times Read on ›

Cut and Come Again Cake ›

By Teresa on 15 June 2007 | Viewed 8606 times Read on ›

Sultana Muffins ›

By Teresa on 15 June 2007 | Viewed 7936 times Read on ›

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