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fluufy, light, easy, delicious! had to add a little more milk though smile

By gracie on 22/08/2013

From the entry 'Thick & Fluffy Pancakes - Jamie Oliver Style'.

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This is an interesting recipe. I like all types of breads and I like experimenting too. So i guess I’ll try this one soon. Thank you for sharing this! smile

By Angela Z on 18/08/2013

From the entry 'Injera Bread (Ethiopian Flat Bread)'.

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Gluten Free Sweets Recipes

Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free Chocolate Cake ›


Whats left when you take all those out?  A really yummy, really easy, fail safe chocolate cake.  I made this for my youngest’s 1st birthday, he suffers from multiple food allergies and everyone laughed at the idea of a cake with no good stuff in it.  Well it disappeared within minutes once people tried it.  This cake was so great as we were hosting a few people with different dietary needs - it ticks pretty much all the boxes.

By pippapal on 23 September 2010 | Viewed 38218 times Read on ›

Flourless Chocolate Cake ›

  • 32101

Only 4 ingredients & none of them specialty items!

By happymumof5 on 23 July 2010 | Viewed 56402 times Read on ›

Chocolate birthday cake ›


Very large, moist cake!  Easy to make and everyone who tries this cake loves it.

By villagirl on 25 February 2009 | Viewed 27642 times Read on ›

Lolly Cake ›

  • 54321

I missed lolly cake and figured I could never eat it again the main ingrediant being malt biscuits. But I found a recipe that works. here you go. My gluten eaters like it too.

By fertala on 16 February 2009 | Viewed 63990 times Read on ›

Absolute Divine Flourless Chocolate Cake ›

  • 1 Comment

Divine, delicious, amazing, super rich and hard to resist!

By ruthmaria on 08 September 2008 | Viewed 27082 times Read on ›

Sesame Date Bar ›

  • 1 Comment
  • 43211

This sesame bar recipe is a real surprise. How could anything taste so good that takes only 10 minutes to prepare. It makes a wonderful dessert, or energy bar for a nutritious pick me up. Great for kid’s lunch boxes.

By Teresa on 09 March 2008 | Viewed 25156 times Read on ›

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread ›


This spread is great for bread and toast or fold it into whipped cream and serve with slices of fruit, or meringues for dessert. Yum.

By Teresa on 17 December 2007 | Viewed 9739 times Read on ›

Marshmallows ›

  • 43211

Nothing like marshmallows melted over a bbq or open fire in summer, or melted into a hot drink in winter. mmm

By Teresa on 17 December 2007 | Viewed 12685 times Read on ›

Nut Toffee ›


A nice sweet treat, don’t even think about counting the calories! Great as a xmas present or something sweet to have with a hot drink.

By Teresa on 17 December 2007 | Viewed 7952 times Read on ›

Russian Fudge ›

  • 1 Comment

An old favourite, excellent gift for someone special.

By Teresa on 17 December 2007 | Viewed 19773 times Read on ›

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