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Japanese Onigiri (Rice Balls)

By GFteenager on 18 February 2011 | Viewed 18356 times

These rice balls are absolutely delicious!
Very filling too


Freshly cooked sushi rice - use the absorption method instructions on the packet and cook in your rice cooker or pot
– Teriyaki chicken or tuna (I prefer savoury onion tuna)
- Diced red pepper and avocado - you can also use cucumber or carrot
- Small bowl
- Salt
- Glad wrap


- Use rice while its still fairly hot as this will make it easier to form balls.
- Cut a fairly large piece of glawrap and sit it in the bowl
- Rinse some water around in the bowl (this will help the gladwrap sink in)
- Sprinkle some salt around the bowl (to prevent sticking)
- Take a small handful of rice and put it in the bowl, pushing it into the bottom and up the sides of the bowl until you have a 1cm covering of rice
- Add fillings (diced capsicum, avocado and chicken/tuna)
- Place enough rice on top to cover ingredients
- Take the gladwrap and pull it together around the ball and twist it round and round moulding the rice into a round ball with your hands
- Take the rice ball out of the gladwrap and repeat!

I like to eat the rice balls with mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce, but they are just as delicious on their own!

Please note: You do not have to use a bowl, you can use your hands to hold the rice (must have wet hands). However, I find using a bowl is easier smile

Would these still taste nice if you used regular rice, as I’m trying to save on money because I’m trying to convince someone else to make this for a health promotion thing at school. NEED TO KNOW BY END OF THIS WEEK!!!!!

Posted by Daniel  on  12/07/11  at  10:15 PM

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