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Sourced from, Wednesday, 7 November 2007, 3:40 pm
Press Release: BurgerFuel

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BurgerFuel Launches Gluten-Free Buns

By Teresa on 19 February 2008

“Yes, it has been a busy year for us, but that’s never an excuse to stop product innovation” says Managing Director, Chris Mason. “We’ve been approached by a lot of different people from the Coeliac and wheat-intolerant communities to introduce a gluten-free bun so we wanted to make sure we got it right” says Mason. BurgerFuel have spent a lot of time testing and tasting their latest product innovation and think that the bun will appeal to a more mainstream market as well. “I remember when we introduced true vegetarian and vegan options to the market, instead of just alternatives and substitutes. Over time, even self-confessed meat eaters were enjoying them too! We’ve taken the same approach to our gluten-free buns. They are what we call a true option, not just an alternative for people who can’t eat wheat. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve created a gluten-free bun that tastes light and fresh.” says Mason. “During tests with Coeliac interest groups, many said it was the best gluten-free bread they’d ever tasted. Some even went as far to say they couldn’t believe that we’d made a gluten-free bun that didn’t taste like cardboard or concrete” says Mason. Gluten-Free buns are now available at all BurgerFuel stores in New Zealand. Gluten-free product information for BurgerFuel is also available in store.

My husband and I grabbed a movie and a “treat” the other week. I’m new to this whole GF thing but the guy at Burger Fuel knew his stuff. The bun was delicious - I even had to get DH to taste it as I thought I’d been given a “normal” bun. Well done Burger Fuel, DH is happy we can still grab a movie and a burger together smile

Posted by Flea  on  13/07/08  at  01:08 PM

My girlfriend had what’s known as a “Slick Chick” burger, while I had a regular “Fuel”. Hers did cost a bit more than mine, due to the extra $1 for the GF bun, but I tried a bit; it actually seemed to taste nicer than my bun! Great job Burger Fuel!

Posted by Mat Burns  on  22/01/09  at  10:33 PM

My GF daughter had a Bambino Burger with GF Bun and tells me it was ‘awesome’. Totally worth the extra buck. We don’t do takeaways very often but will be returning to Burger Fuel because it makes us feel ‘normal’ to be eating out as a family.

Posted by Karen Williamson  on  14/07/09  at  02:00 AM

OMG these buns are great!  My local Burger Fuel didn’t have any advertising for GF buns in store, so I didn’t know about them until I found info on the Venerdi website saying they supply Burger Fuel.

Fantastic product, and only $1 extra is pretty cheap for GF option!

Way to go Burger Fuel!

Posted by Rachel  on  21/07/09  at  10:07 AM

OK, now the next step is to persuade Burgerfuel to sell these buns in packs for everyday use! :o)
The gluten-free buns in the supermarkets are so awful that I am sure they would have absolutely no competition. I have tasted 2 good gluten-free breads - one I make at home which is a recipe out of a local book. The other was a buckwheat bread from a farmer’s market in Hamilton; but as yet I have tasted no GOOD buns. I really don’t think it’d have any detrimental effect on their sales as people get takeout because they’re out anyway or feel too lazy to cook, so wouldn’t be making their own burgers instead of buying Burgerfuel’s…and if they were there buying buns they may be persuaded to grab one of their yummy burgers while there!

Posted by Bronwyn  on  29/10/09  at  06:15 AM


If you go to Venerdi’s website, I’m pretty sure it says that they supply BurgerFuel’s buns (and also Hell’s pizza bases).

Why is he insinuating that they developed the recipe themselves?

Posted by Michael  on  20/11/09  at  07:57 PM

Vernerdi’s provides Burger Fuel with the buns but does not provide them to any other retail outlet. I imagine Burger Fuel has some kind of exclusive rights to it or something… Vernerdi’s does sell another type of Hamburger Bun which may be the same without the sesame seeds so will have to give them a try…

Posted by Bronwyn  on  22/11/09  at  05:41 AM

hey there does any one know if the fries and aioli are G.F

Posted by uscanes  on  10/02/10  at  01:32 AM

“hey there does any one know if the fries and aioli are G.F

Posted by uscanes on 10/02/10 at 01:32 PM”

I don’t know for sure, but I have had them a few times (like… every two weeks - oops!) and never any probs: but we all react differently!

There shouldn’t be anything in the aioli that contains gluten, and the fries would be fine unless they’re coated somehow or there’s seasoned salt: you could check in store, most of their staff are pretty clued up about GF.

Posted by Rachel  on  16/02/10  at  05:50 AM

Just new to the GF diet. Found the Venerdi website. Burger Fuel and Hell Pizza is supplied by Vernerdi. Rang the stores $1 extra for the GF bun at Burger Fuel and Xtra $2 on pizza. Just a great start to know you can get something takeaway GF especially while still adjusting to GF diet. Encouraging from the comments that the burgers taste nice.

Posted by san66  on  13/03/10  at  08:19 AM

Just make sure the ingredients on the bun are gluten free example the meat patty!!

Posted by carol bibby  on  20/07/10  at  11:41 AM

where is this Burger Fuel place? I’ve never heard of it. I want to go there!!!!!

Posted by villagirl  on  13/02/11  at  01:44 AM

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