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Congratulations to the winners of the Sugar Plum giveaway

By Teresa on 10 March 2011

Talia Mana, Joanna Coleman, Maureen May, Jessica Martin, Darinka Januseva, Jenny Waenink, Antonia Clara Harris, Megan Lindsay, and Lorie Hall.
Please email me your contact details and we’ll get those off to you. ENJOY!

If you have missed out on the giveaway, you can still get your hand on these delicious cookies through Sugar Plum’s website

Yay! Loving the giveaways! So chuffed to be a winner smile

Posted by Tifposki'sGirl  on  23/03/11  at  01:17 AM

Yes me too!!

Posted by MegglesNZ  on  02/05/11  at  08:19 AM

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