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Website gets a makeover…

By Iain on 12 February 2008

If you’re a regular visitor to Gluten Free Living, you’ll notice I’ve added some enhancements to the site, and changed the layout a little…

New sections are News, FAQ’s and “My Stuff”.

The first two are pretty self explanitory, but with “My Stuff” (for the lack of a better phrase), Members now have some great little widgets to help contribute and store information to make the site a little friendlier… You can now store a list of “favourites” which are yours to keep. No more hunting for those recipes, or business listings you stumbled accross a while back, simply add them to your favourites to keep handy forever. You’ll also be able to mail your lists to friends, and download ‘batches’ of recipes in the near future.

The site is still a work in progress, and you’re sure to find some ‘issues’ that I’m working on… I’m doing this site in my spare time, so please bear with us.

Feedback is always welcome, use the form below to tell us your thoughts.

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