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Woolworths Free From Range is now available in New Zealand

By Teresa on 14 February 2008

Having just paid a visit to my local Countdown, I was happily surprised to find that they have recently made the decision to stock Woolworths Free From Products. These products are specially designed for people with food allergies and intolerances. I first tried them while in Australia last August, and devoured a packet of Chocolate Coated Biscuits, which are both Wheat and Gluten Free. Absolutely delicious! They are also quite affordable, selling at around the $3 mark for a packet of 12 biscuits. There is quite a range of both savoury and sweet biscuits, of which I have reviewed a couple of products. Woolworths don’t seem to have too much information on their website but here is the link if you still want to visit it:

I’ll comment. I was pleased to find this site after typing gluten free baking into google.
Best of all… it’s a NZ site.
Thanks for posting the above. I tend to buy expensive junk to make up for my difficulty with gluten products.
I will find some recipes here and then go to Woolworths to get the products I need. I have decided I need to start saving some money.
So I have a rice pudding (made with soya milk) in the crockpot…. and some home made tomato soup bubbling away on the stove.

Any one have any good ideas for bread to make sandwiches with. I mean a wholesome healthy bread that holds together for sandwiches.

Posted by Maria  on  12/12/09  at  10:04 PM

Is this the Woolworths from years past? We used to have Woolworths here. I don’t recall whether or not they sold food. This is something I’m looking into because if it’s the same company they really have changed to fit the times offering gluten free products.

Posted by Houston Personal Injury Lawyer  on  13/01/11  at  03:38 PM

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