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fluufy, light, easy, delicious! had to add a little more milk though smile

By gracie on 22/08/2013

From the entry 'Thick & Fluffy Pancakes - Jamie Oliver Style'.

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This is an interesting recipe. I like all types of breads and I like experimenting too. So i guess I’ll try this one soon. Thank you for sharing this! smile

By Angela Z on 18/08/2013

From the entry 'Injera Bread (Ethiopian Flat Bread)'.

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Orzo Pasta ›

Has anybody found a nice Gluten Free pasta?  I love Orzo but haven’t been able to find a Gluten Free one.

By Lisa1364 on 15 March 2012 | Viewed 2765 times Answer this ›

help making tortillas or wraps ›

Ive been trying to make tortillas (or wraps) and have used my gf flour mix i use for all other baking and have even bought masa (or masa harina) flour and followed directions, but when i roll it out it is very soft and either crumbles or when i put the spatula under it to transfer it to the pan everything not on the spatula just falls off. Ive tried putting the mix in the fridge to chill but that makes no difference, ive used a recipe with oil and without oil, and have tried adding xantham gum, nothings helping. Any advice please!

By auntychel on 11 March 2012 | Viewed 1534 times Answer this ›

Sugar-free, low fat treats ›

As a diabetic coeliac, I would like to find a sugar-free/low in sugar, low fat treat that is actually delicious and sweet enough to satisfy cravings for chocolate/caramel/baked goods, that I can consume without significantly compromising my health. Does anyone have any product recommendations?

By Aliciah on 29 January 2012 | Viewed 1946 times Answer this ›

Gluten free wrap? ›

Hi there does anyone know a packaged gluten free wrap on sale in NZ? School lunch!

I have seen recipes but this is about ready-made. Many thanks.

By outeast on 23 January 2012 | Viewed 3588 times Answer this ›

substituting normal flour for gf :) ›

Can you substitute plain white flour with any particular type/mix of GF flour/s?

Or does anyone know of any good GF puff pastry recipies and/or museli bar recipies?

By nomi on 21 January 2012 | Viewed 3730 times Answer this ›

New to this ›

Hi.  I have had some really horrible reactions lately after eating bread of any sort.  My stomach bloats to wicked proportions, by IBS is extreme, I get a headaches, tired, lethargic after eating bread and starchy foods.  Any advise would be greatly received.  Im going to give gluten free and go on protein diet and see if this helps. I havent been to the doctors yet just thought it would be good to try things myself first.
Thanks Diane

By Di on 21 December 2011 | Viewed 1641 times Answer this ›

malt vinegar alternative for preserving ›

What is the best vinegar to use in preserving when the recipe says malt vinegar.  Can I use ordinary white vinegar.  In particular I want to preserve beetroot.

By amcb on 02 December 2011 | Viewed 2223 times Answer this ›

Gluten Intolerance Symptoms ›

Hi - has anyone out there had severe relux/heartburn after eating gluten which lasts for days.  Even the doctors meds aren’t very helpful.  Gavison double strength taken four times daily does offer some temporary relief though.  Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

By LyndaA on 25 November 2011 | Viewed 1696 times Answer this ›

Do I need further tests for gluten intolerance? ›

I have all the symptoms of a person with Coeliac’s disease but my blood tests came back negative! So I might have gluten intolerance. Does anyone know or, has anyone had, other tests to confirm intolerances? Like those skin prick tests?
Thanks grin

By loubeelou on 23 November 2011 | Viewed 1710 times Answer this ›

Pavillion Gluten Free Soy & Linseed Bread ›

Has anyone else out there noticed the quality of Pavillion bread has really gone downhill recently? I bought a loaf a couple of weeks ago and found every slice had massive holes and cracks in it, each slice was very crumbly and no good for anything.  Thinking this was a one off I went back and bought a second loaf - same result. I thought perhaps this could be a bad “batch” so tried Vogels bread instead (which was awesome, by the way). Today, as there were no Vogels loaves at my local supermarket, I bought another loaf of Pavillion - the exact same result as the previous 2 loaves I had.  This bread is only good for breadcrumbs - at $7.30 a loaf that makes for very expensive breadcrumbs!!!  I tried to contact Pavillion - their website no longer works and their 0800 number is leave a message only….(Vogels have definately picked up a new customer out of this!) I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had this same problem, or maybe it is localised to the South Island only?

By Qriusgeorge on 19 November 2011 | Viewed 1865 times Answer this ›

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