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fluufy, light, easy, delicious! had to add a little more milk though smile

By gracie on 22/08/2013

From the entry 'Thick & Fluffy Pancakes - Jamie Oliver Style'.

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This is an interesting recipe. I like all types of breads and I like experimenting too. So i guess I’ll try this one soon. Thank you for sharing this! smile

By Angela Z on 18/08/2013

From the entry 'Injera Bread (Ethiopian Flat Bread)'.

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Chinese food ›

Does anyone know what flours are used to make such things as wonton, dim sim and spring roll wrappers?I’m going to Hong Kong soon-I don’t think asking about gluten free ingredients will be easy!!So looking for a general guide to avoid or not.

By maureen on 13 January 2011 | Viewed 2514 times Answer this ›

Nut Milk ›

I’ve heard that nut milks, such as, hazelnut, almond etc are the super healthier alternatives to cow’s and soy milk.  I’m currently using rice milk as I was told it’s better than the latter two options.  Does anyone have a contrary opinion to this or support able to support these claims? Also, has anyone tried any nut milks… I have not yet as I could not locate them in my local supermarket.  I may have to go to a speciality store like, Nosh or Farro (I hope not, as they tend to be on the pricey side). Has anyone seen them in their supermarket? I live in the Auckland - One Tree Hillish/Onehunga.  Cheers.

By Petcha on 13 January 2011 | Viewed 2164 times Answer this ›

GF vinegars ›

Can someone please tell me what brands of malt vinegar if any are gluten free.

By andrina on 11 January 2011 | Viewed 1984 times Answer this ›

Does anyone have a GF pasta recipe? ›

I have recently gone gluten free, whilst I dont miss many of the foods pasta is one food I do miss. I would like to try making my own pasta at home, does anyone have a GF pasta recipe that uses easy to find ingredients?

By letitiaf on 21 December 2010 | Viewed 1600 times Answer this ›

Pastry Recipe ›

I am after a savoury pastry recipe - we use to buy ready made pastry from a shop online in Mosgiel, and it was fantastic but they have since closed down.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m hoping to make savouries like potato topped mince pies and pasties.

By Crayfish on 08 November 2010 | Viewed 22455 times Answer this ›

Gluten free cocktail sausages ›

Hi, I have recently moved to Tauranga and wondered if anyone knows of a good butcher who makes gluten free sausages and in particular baby saveloys/cocktail sausages for kids.  My 4 yr old son is GF and it is his 5th birthday soon so need to find some for party treats.  Thanks smile Vanessa.

By vmharvey on 05 November 2010 | Viewed 2578 times Answer this ›

What’s in store for Marx Bakery? ›

I was horrified to find out that Marx Bakery had been put into liquidation a while back. Can anyone confirm if the business has been sold and will continue trading? They make the best pikelet mix, pizza bases, pies… Last time I stopped by, the cupboards seemed a little bare and I’m really hoping it wasn’t an “everything must go” scenario.

By erakol on 01 October 2010 | Viewed 3423 times Answer this ›

Good gluten free pita bread! ›

Does anyone know what brand of gf pita bread Fatima’s use?  They’re the closest to normal I’ve found.  Or can you recommend a good pita bread or wrap? 

By MichelleS on 18 September 2010 | Viewed 2603 times Answer this ›

Have you had a bad experience in a cafe/restaurant? Help needed ›

Hi there.  I am a journalist/editor doing some research for a training course on special dietary needs (including gluten free) designed to teach food service staff how to handle the needs of customers with special requirements better.  I would love to chat to anyone who has had bad experiences in cafes/restaurants (given food they cannot eat, waitress ignoring requests, etc.) If you don’t mind sharing your story please email me: - you could help get it right for the future. Thank you

By Jennie on 25 July 2010 | Viewed 1568 times Answer this ›

Salami ›

Is Salami gluten free?

By Ingrid on 13 July 2010 | Viewed 2906 times Answer this ›

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