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Briwi Bread

By Amazonia on 02 June 2009 | Viewed 5133 times


Briwi Bread is our name for Brazilian Cheese bread


It tastes sensational!!!! you can make it as you would a pizza base then place what you dont need in the freezer and cook later. You can add herbs,more cheeses,Chocolate,dates,apricots,Guava Paste or whatever you like. It is traditionally eaten in Brazil as an appetizer which you stuff with roast Pork,Beef, or chicken. The different ways to prepare it are entirely up to you.


It does contain Dairy. You will definitely want more and more!!!!!

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Price Paid - $17.99

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never heard of it… where do you get it from?

Posted by Clare  on  07/07/12  at  01:45 AM

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