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Burgen Gluten Free bread range

By n_jeffries on 18 October 2009 | Viewed 13191 times


Burgen Gluten Free Bread

Sampled this first at the Christchurch Gluten Free expo and was impressed. It has since been released and can be found at most major supermarkets. It is expensive - around $7 - $8 a loaf but it tastes so good that I haven’t minded paying that. Available in 4 flavours - white, poppyseed and corn, linseed and a fruit one. I’ve tried the poppyseed and linseed ones and they are great! Very tasty and toasts well (and only takes one go, not 2 or 3 goes to get it brown!). Says on the pack great for sandwiches, which I haven’t tried, but get the feeling it would still be a bit dry for this.


Tastes great, toasts well, good to have flavours other than just white (I hate having to eat white bread so often!), have found it in all the major supermarkets I go to


The price - would be great to see this come down a bit! Plus the packaging isn’t great - can’t reseal it once its opened.

Bottom Line

Overall, great to have another option! And nice to finally see a bit of variety in flavours!


Price Paid - $7.99

Comments about this product / add yours

This bread is really great for a sandwich - that is if you can find two whole pieces in the packet. Something has got to be done about the bread breaking - the last three loaves I have bought, the top of the loaf falls off 80% of the slices - great for breadcrumbs but not so helpful if those pieces were going to be your lunch.  Other than that it is the best gluten free bread on the market and I have had coeliac for the last 24 years.

Posted by Aimee  on  02/11/09  at  10:58 PM

The bread doesn’t make a good sandwich on day 2, might’ve been ok for day 1, but by day 2 it falls to pieces.  Good to know there’s white bread out there - I’m new to all this gluten free thing and am not having fun… yet.

Posted by Teresa  on  03/11/09  at  04:22 AM

My son has been on a Gluten Free diet for some years. This week we came across the Burgen GF bread he loves all the ones I make and also some other companies brands, he does not like the Burgen at all and I must admit I don’t blame him I don’t either. We both eat a GF diet. We were disappointed it was very bland.

Posted by Barb Britten  on  24/11/09  at  08:20 AM

I have recently moved to a gluten free diet, and have struggled to find bread that tastes like “proper” bread. I bought the Burgen poppyseed and corn bread as previously Burgen was a brand that I ate. I toasted it and had honey with it - and I have to say that it didn’t taste very good. I have since found that the best way to eat it (for me) is to toast it, and have with peanut butter. I haven’t tried it as a sandwich yet.

Posted by shayshaysster  on  01/12/09  at  01:48 AM

My daughter has been gluten free for 3 years now and previously I have made her bread at home because the ones supplied by stores have not been very tasty unless toasted first. 

She likes the taste of Burgen white bread and I also have had a taste found it be nicer than others we have tried. 

I find freezing the loaf as soon as I buy it helps it to keep whole for longer, I also always check best before date before I purchase the bread.

Posted by Janine  on  06/01/10  at  04:00 AM

I do not like this bread!
Breaks too easily, dry.

Posted by ange_nz  on  22/04/10  at  05:50 AM

I really didn’t like this stuff! It was very dry, broke apart, and tasted like rice & corn. I like my bread to taste like bread! The loaf has been in the freezer for a few weeks now and no one in the house has ever gone back for a 2nd slice.

Posted by -Em-  on  28/05/10  at  07:38 AM

I thought this bread tasted much better than other gluten free breads however every morning after eating it, I get really sore sensitive teeth - very strange and not sure if there is some ingredient that does this to teeth?  Would be very interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this.

Posted by Angela  on  01/07/10  at  11:36 PM

My 2 year old is intolerant of wheat and large amounts of sugar, and after having tried other brands of GF bread (which she wouldn’t take more than a few mouthfuls of), we’re finding the Burgen range is awesome. She loves it, esp with her St Dalfour Apricot jam smile

Posted by Mary  on  06/08/10  at  11:10 PM

nah yuk, I dont like it, I much prefer the dovedale chia gluten free.

Posted by Tristan  on  19/09/10  at  12:51 AM

Nice idea, but FAR too sweet for my taste. I’d buy it again if they revised the recipe. Esp the white, which I think is the most over-sugared! Thumbs down from me.

Posted by victoria Jones  on  27/12/10  at  10:10 PM

Have been gluten free for a few years now and Burgen white bread is the only bread I like, however it is terrible untoasted.

I eat this bread everyday toasted with vegemite and grilled cheese on top. I also find it doesn’t toast well in a sandwich press, must be toasted first.

Posted by tegan  on  02/07/11  at  01:32 PM

never tried the burgen i make my own because
I am wheat glutin and dairy free, and nut free. I may look at the burgan range, see if
it suits me, bye for now,

Posted by tinymouse  on  09/01/12  at  08:26 AM

I don’t like this bread. It is OK toasted but falls apart way too easily and if I eat more than 2 slices at a sitting I get a bloated gut again.
I prefer Liberte gluten free breads (if I can find them as they are not stocked as much)
So most times still go witout

been gf for over 10 yrs now

Posted by Ruth  on  18/08/13  at  04:49 AM

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