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Cookie Time Gluten Free Cookie

By n_jeffries on 11 November 2008 | Viewed 7067 times


Cookie Time have just put out a new gluten free chocolate chip cookie - its amazing!!! Tastes just like their regular cookies. Doesn’t have the usual gluten free texture, full of chocolate - YUM!


Tastes delicious!


You can’t stop at one!

Bottom Line

Great to finally have a gluten free cookie that tastes this good!


Price Paid - $2.90

Comments about this product / add yours

These are great!! Saw them on the product review and immediately went out hunting for them!! At last a company has listened and responded to what people want - and made a decent job of it!!

Posted by Crayfish  on  26/11/08  at  09:13 AM

I agree - they rock.  I have eaten far too many!!

Posted by Mike H  on  03/12/08  at  06:23 AM

Oh, yes, these cookies got a huge thumbs up from my three children who have Coeliac Disease. Great to find a cookie I can grab while we are out as a treat.  grin

Posted by Ali  on  14/12/08  at  12:09 AM

we were delighted to find these at a gas station just outside Hanmer (though to the dismay of my partner who’d felt she’d been safe in assuming there would be nothing for us at a Cookie Time shop thereby reducing my cookie intake for the trip!)

i think we paid about $3.50/60 for a single cookie but i’m assuming that was just cos it was a gas station as their eskimos were quite expensive as well!  great flavour and texture - though all NZ GF food is generally better than the papp we get in the UK, these and the Kea cookies really stand out.

Posted by paul d  on  12/01/09  at  11:19 AM

completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.

Posted by erlyn  on  06/02/09  at  09:55 AM

They taste amazing, my partner bought one home for me yesterday. Cookie times were something I was going to miss dearly…Cheers Cookie Time!! However I am on a mission to lose weight so the 14 grams of fat doesn’t help, but it’s nice to know that there is something really tasty I can have for an occasional treat :D

Posted by Tessa  on  02/04/09  at  06:28 PM

Forget the cost - these are one treat I don’t pass up.  Even nicer than the original cookie.

Posted by amcb  on  31/05/09  at  12:44 AM

Another voice in agreement here - these are fantastic and it’s great to have a sometimes snack you can just pick up in the dairy or service station!

Posted by Rachel  on  29/06/09  at  06:24 AM

Totally agree, this is a great cookie.  I am a BIG fan of Cookies and Cream Icecream and when I recently found out I was gluten intollerant, I was gutted to think no more of my fave iceream.  The solution is simple.  Crumble one of these cookies and add to vanilla icecream. Delish!

Posted by Maria Rump  on  20/06/10  at  02:45 AM

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