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Countdown “instore bakery traditional loaf”

By GFMAN on 03 December 2010 | Viewed 6888 times


I would just like to tell you about this great gluten free product they sell at Countdown.

It’s a white bread loaf.

You can look at it on this url.

Its titled “instore bakery traditional loaf gluten free”



Bottom Line

It is very, very good gluten free bread.

The first thing you will notice is the size! Its a large loaf, almost the same size as a normal loaf and it tastes great!

As for it’s ability to stick together (the main problem with gluten free) it’s not so good if you just want to eat it at room temperature out of the bag,(though better than a lot of others I’ve had) but it makes great toast, and If you heat it up in the microwave it becomes like normal wheat bread, (Spongy, not so crumbly etc)so you can have really nice sandwiches with it, which I do everyday. Since it’s larger and when heated it holds together so well it looks and feels like normal bread.

I get it from a Countdown in Christchurch.

I highly recommend it to other fellow people who are gluten intolerant like I am or if you have coeliac disease.


Price Paid - $4.75

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I haven’t seen it around, but I’m definitely going to look out for it!
I’ve been recently told to try avoiding gluten, and I’m really pretty shocked at the price of so many things (half as much for twice the price, it seems). Considering I’m a student, it’s a struggle as it is. So if this loaf is bigger than other loaves, that’s a HUGE upside.

Posted by Maz  on  23/10/11  at  02:28 AM

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