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D’Lush Biscuit Range

By Teresa on 19 June 2007 | Viewed 7635 times

D’Lush Biscuit Range


Oh my gosh, these are good! This is a real treat for those on a Gluten Free Diet. Similar to Chit Chats, these have a biscuit base in the centre and then smoothered in chocolate. They come in either Double Chocolate or Double Chocolate Peppermint flavours.


A really nice treat when you’ve been extra good or need extra cheering up. Wheat/gluten free, Egg free, No added fructose, High fibre (Hi maize), No added salt, Yeast free, No preservatives or artificial colours, GMO free.


A bit on the expensive side at almost $6 for a packet of 8 biscuits. Could be improved by having a chocolate creamy centre like Tim Tams, but that’s just my opinion.

Bottom Line

Very very yum, but only for special occasions.


Price Paid - $5.99

Comments about this product / add yours

These sound really good!  I will definately have to check them out smile

Posted by Herika  on  18/10/07  at  08:11 AM

These are great! A little expensive but totally worth it if you are strong to have only one a day.

Posted by Adrienne  on  09/03/08  at  03:35 AM

These are lovely!  The problem is stopping at one!

Posted by Helen  on  26/03/08  at  05:52 AM

These are certainly a wee bit pricey - but so worth it, when all you need is a real chocolate biscuit!!

Posted by michelle6725  on  24/06/08  at  01:08 AM

I first met these at Christmas time in Melbourne where my daughter in law had found them as a treat for me to have during our stay.  At that stage I hadn’t seen them in NZ but my local supermarket stocks the Chocolate variety now. The Mint one, which she had bought, is to die for.  Just the nicest choc biscuit I have ever had since having to be Gluten Free. Price be darned - for a special treat they are well worth it.

Posted by Sylvia  on  27/06/08  at  04:38 AM

These are FABULOUS!  I love them!  But struggle to keep my partner’s hands off them, and he’s not even a Coeliac!!!

Posted by Hayley  on  09/09/08  at  01:46 AM

I noticed at Woolworths supermarket in Whangarei, there was another flavour, think it was orange. Might be worth looking at.

Posted by Cathy  on  30/05/09  at  01:46 AM

They are the gluten free tim-tam!!  A real treat.

Posted by Nicole  on  06/08/09  at  02:26 AM

I love these, since being diagnosed with ceoliacs seven years ago, i’ve barely eaten biscuits. I buy a packet of these every few months and don’t eat them that much (‘cause of the price) but they are the best gluten-free biscuit i’ve tried and the only real yum chocolate biscuit i’ve seen stocked since being diagnosed.

Posted by Tegz  on  02/07/11  at  01:41 PM

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