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Dovedale Rice Chia Bread

By Teresa on 06 November 2007 | Viewed 12514 times

Dovedale Rice Chia Bread


There is currently a range of five breads marketed under the Dovedale Bread label. Every loaf has no added yeast, is dairy free, and is made with only the finest available certified organic ingredients, sea salt and filtered water. The Rice Chia Loaf is one of only 2 out of this range that is gluten free (the other being Fruit & Rice Chia Bread. This is a simple white bread loaf, quite light and tasty. Refrigerating the bread after opening, during warmer months, to prevent spoilage is recommended. Check out their website


This is quite a nice light fluffy gluten free bread. I can even say that I used it for sandwiches in the first couple of days after opening, without toasting! Just nicely warmed is perfect. I quite rate this, and at $5.99 for a loaf (Net 620g), slightly cheaper than others in the gluten free range.


Nothing really stood out, as being all that bad. Perhaps some more seeds and grains would go down well?

Bottom Line

I will certainly be buying this bread again, really enjoyable.


Certified Organic Rice Flour (White and Brown) (50%), Filtered Water, Chia (12%), Certified Organic Rice Starch, Vegetable Gum (412), Sea Salt.

Price Paid - $5.99

Comments about this product / add yours

I have recently discovered this bread and I really love. Always moist, toasts nicely, great with honey.

Posted by Diana Bradley  on  06/12/07  at  08:16 PM

I bought this bread for my husband who described it as straw like , more like card board I thought. Would not buy again.

Posted by Carol  on  02/03/08  at  01:28 AM

People often overlook breads role..but I eat sandwiches all day at my computer…the ones with all the bs preservatives in it were hurting my stomach. Bought this bread and never looking back now. Thanks.

Posted by mmo  on  13/03/08  at  09:10 PM

Just found out I have a gluten intolerance, I have always eaten a lot of bread and Dovedale Rice and Chia bread has been a lifesaver. Sure its not the soft white bread that I have been eating for the last forty years, but its a pretty good stand in! Its moist easy to eat and filling

Posted by leepaterson  on  14/05/08  at  08:19 PM

I love this product, it’s quite a versatile addition to a coeliac diet, and the best thing is, I think it tastes great.

Posted by CJ  on  28/05/08  at  08:12 AM

Thanks for this lovely comment. I really like the taste of the bread. Thanks for sharing it’s details.

Posted by eve isk  on  17/09/08  at  05:30 PM

Lovely! First tasted this on holiday last week - gorgeous toasted with scrambled eggs. Doesn’t crumble, either, so it makes a mean cheese toasted sandwich.

Posted by erakol  on  07/10/08  at  07:54 AM

I am interested in buying dovedale bread but am not sure where i can purchase it from. Any help would be great. Thanks

Posted by John  on  20/03/09  at  01:47 AM

We tried this when Venerdi bread was unavailable and won’t buy it again.  Felt it had a slimey texture to it even after double toasting.  Going to turn the loaf in the freezer into toasted breadcrumbs for adding to other stuff.

Posted by Maree  on  28/03/09  at  08:37 AM

I loved this bread, I have chopped tomato with basil on it toasted. I am a huge bread fan (well I was lol) and this definitly hits the spot :D Stops the bread cravings!!

Posted by Tessa  on  02/04/09  at  06:30 PM

Loves it!!!

Posted by Ruzti  on  02/04/09  at  06:32 PM

This is the only GF bread that I have found that hasnt been loaded with potato or corn or worst of all sugar! Its only good to use as sandwich bread if its really fresh. But its great as toast! Totally Thumbs up to this bread I couldnt live without it! Mandy

Posted by Mandy Hicks  on  03/05/09  at  02:26 AM

Costs $6.49 at Countdown in lower hutt.  First loaf I bought I checked had expiry date of a week out, and got home and found it as mildewed inside.  Went back to store, and several other loaves were the same, with a week before expiry date!!

Posted by Maskofme  on  28/05/09  at  05:11 AM

I love it too. I usually freeze it, and have it as toast. I like it more as it is soy and maize free. Their fruit and rice bread is awesome as well.

Posted by Cathy  on  30/05/09  at  01:42 AM

Being very new to this Gluten free thing(through choice)I found this bread amazingly delicious and will be adding to my weekly shop.

Posted by boyzie  on  23/06/09  at  02:49 AM

I was served this bread at a restaurant on Saturday, my lovely husband tracked it down for me in the supermarket, and it is now my number 1 bread choice!  Love it.  So close to real bread, gorgeous toasted with a bit of butter.  Yum.

Posted by Rachel  on  23/06/09  at  09:09 AM

Love this bread! I’ve just gone GF and this has been a lifesaver. I eat it untoasted and have found it keeps for days in the fridge. I’m paying around $7 for this at my local New World, which is a bit steep for a small loaf (I have to hide it from the rest of the family!). I would LOVE to see some other bakers stepping up the GF organic challenge and consumers having more choice - in terms of range and price. But, having said that, I work full-time and don’t have much time to bake my own bread and would not still be eating GF without Chia rice bread!

Posted by Sallie B  on  27/06/09  at  09:56 PM

A savour in the yeast, corn, potato and soy line. would love a few more seeds or grains. Currently around $8 anywhere in Auckland!

Posted by Andrea  on  29/08/09  at  03:19 AM

This bread has become my staple food when bread is required,especially for breakfast.
I have it as toast, occasionally as a sandwich (when fresh as others seem to have found also) but particularly I like it warmed in the microwave for about 15 seconds per slice.  This produces a much softer slice and very delish as a single slice or as two for a sandwich. I feel very fortunate that the Pak n Save store at Porirua choses to sell it for around $4.59….  almost the price of ‘normal’ bread.

Posted by jo Howlett  on  18/09/09  at  05:51 AM

I bought this bread several times.  It always had at least 2/3 slices broken in the pack, and several times I bought before the use by date and it was mouldy.
Not a nice taste - will not buy again.

Posted by Healthyalternatives  on  27/01/10  at  01:13 AM

Just happy to be able to eat bread again, great toasted, grilled cheese on top. Love the rice chia and fruit versions.

Posted by Carol Prichard  on  11/06/11  at  11:47 PM

I have purchased three packets of this dovedale bread from 3 different store and all have contained mould . This is being freshly opened and well before the use by date. The company didnt want to know about it and doing some research i can understand why. I would not buy it again ever. My health is more important.

Posted by unhappy  on  29/05/12  at  08:13 AM

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