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Free Nut Butter

By Serena Meikle on 20 July 2013 | Viewed 4705 times


I developed a severe nut reaction a couple of years ago and as a consequence had 2 anaphylactic episodes.  One from eating walnut bread (this was before I was aware I was allergic) and the second eating sushi that had been cut up on a board that had previously had satay chicken on it.  Suffice to say I no longer eat food unless I or a loved one has prepared it!!

This leads me on to how I fell across Eskal Free Nut Butter.  I was in the Glutenfree aisle and looking for something tasty to add to my slightly boring diet and there it was literally jumping off the self. 

I bought a jar and couldn’t wait to get home and try some.  When I took off the lid I got quite a shock as it smelt just like peanut butter.  In fact so much like peanut butter I was too afraid to put the spoonful in my mouth.  My friends son refuses to eat it because it smells like peanuts.  To cut a long story short I researched the product till I was absolutely sure it was safe and fell head over heels in love with it after the first mouthful!

It is such a great product.  So many uses like in smoothies, puddings, on a cracker or by the spoonful.  My grandchildren cannot tell the difference and they are big peanut butter fans.


Smooth and creamy.
Processed in a peanut free facility.
Gluten Free!


Contains sugar.

Antioxidant 306 (Tocopherol concentrate, anti-oxidant found in many vegetable oils, including soy, wheat germ, rice germ, cottonseed, maize. Works as an antioxidant for fatty acids and tissue fats, preventing vitamin A from oxidation. Used in margarine and salad dressings.)

And emulsifier 471 (Mono- and Diglycerides of fatty acids (glyceryl monostearate, glyceryl distearate) - Emulsifier

Because E471 is derived from Glycerine (Glycerol) (see E422 above), there may be a slim chance that E471 might contain animal fats.)

Bottom Line

A good product for people with nut allergies.  Tastes delicious.


Sunflower seeds (min 85%)
Antioxidant 306

Price Paid - $13.00

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