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Freedom Foods Crunchy Coconut Biscuits

By Teresa on 30 September 2009 | Viewed 6002 times

Freedom Foods Crunchy Coconut Biscuits


Apparently according to the box ‘A subtle yet distinct blend of coconut and a light golden biscuit’


To be honest I couldn’t find any redeeming qualities to this biscuit, a week later and there is still half the box left, and that is saying something in this house! Oh actually they are gluten,wheat, and dairy free.


Tasteless, crumbly, strange texture and so dry it actually absorbs moisture from your mouth!

Bottom Line

A pitiful excuse for a biscuit, please do not buy this for your gluten free guests, there are far far better biscuits to be serving up that are free from gluten but still tasty and moorish!


Gluten free flour mix (potato starch, maize starch, soy flour, hi maize, soy fibre, guar gum), sugar, vegetable shortenings (vegetable oils, antioxident - mixed tocopherols), egg, psyllium husks, coconut (4%), preservative 223, raising agent (503, 500), vanilla.

Price Paid - $4.70

Comments about this product / add yours

We found the same.  Our kids screwed their noses up and refused to eat them.

Posted by Pip  on  01/05/10  at  12:21 PM

I have found them quite dry and tasteless and my kids don’t think much of them either

Posted by Munch1e  on  31/05/10  at  05:25 AM

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