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Goodness Me - Gluten Free Bread Mixes

By Katherine on 06 November 2008 | Viewed 7593 times


They sell a range of bread mix flavours that are quick and easy to bake. Makes a huge loaf of bread. That is great to eat just as bread (actually holds together) or toast. Have made it into other stuff too like pizza, and buns. Everyone in our family likes to eat it because it tastes so fantastic. Closest thing to “normal” bread I have come across since going gluten free!


Having a range of flavours to choose from like exseedingly good, maxigrain, spicy fruit.
Makes a huge loaf just like “regular” supermarket bread, no more burning my fingers on the toaster!
Quick and easy to make, with good instructions. Love the smell of freshly baking bread.
Had fun making pizza with the white mix, havent had such a great tasting pizza since going gluten free.
Being free from dairy, potato etc its a loaf our whole family can enjoy.
Was still great to eat the next day, made a fantastic sandwich, sliced & froze what was left and it reheated amazingly well in microwave without falling apart.


Can’t stop at just one slice, always end up having more, lucky its so good for me!

Bottom Line

Wish I had heard about Goodness Me sooner, I’m loving being able to have a decent slice of toast again, and a choice of flavours not just white!
Its so easy to order from their site at and they have easy recipes and heaps of tips etc, like how to make pizza.
Very good value at between $6.15-$6.90 (depends on flavour) for the size bread it makes.


Price Paid - $6.50

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We tried this and thought it great! For the first time in a year or so, we have been able to enjoy fresh sandwiches with a bread mix that everyone enjoyed. It stays together well and smells aromatic when cooking. Even better, they have a special on for December making it really economical.

Posted by Crayfish  on  07/12/08  at  06:49 AM

This sounds to good to be true- Where can I buy this bread mix?  Thanks

Posted by Margie Hennig  on  21/05/09  at  05:38 AM

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