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Hells Pizza

By Hekewhy on 14 October 2009 | Viewed 17926 times


Hi All ... had a little reaction to Hell’s Pizza and wanted to let you know the lengths they go to to ensure they remain gluten free.  I can’t guarantee that I reacted to their pizza and told them that but below is their response.  Quite impressed.

Thank you for your feedback and I would like to personally apologise for the reaction you had to our pizza.

I wanted to assure you that offering a gluten free alternative is something we take very seriously.  All our staff are trained in our gluten free procedures, and which toppings do and do not contain gluten.  As Lulu mentioned we have separate pans used for cooking that don’t come in contact with items containing gluten.  The pizza maker will put on fresh gloves to make the pizza and we have a separate knife specifically for cutting gluten free pizzas that is washed every time prior to use to ensure there is as little possibility for contamination as possible.  I have a feeling that the cake slice used to extract the base from the pan may not have been washed prior to use – and this could have unfortunately caused a small amount of semolina from another pizza to come in contact with your base.


It was absolutely yummy and nice to know they use different utensils etc.


None ... no guarantee their pizza caused the reaction

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Price Paid - $14.00

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That is awesome that they go to such lengths to keep it safe for those of us that are gluten intolerant!
In a side note, I believe they are bringing out more gluten free dishes in the month of October including garlic bread and chocolate brownie - yum, looking forward to sampling them both!

Posted by Teresa  on  16/10/09  at  07:32 AM

My partner and I have ordered a few gluten free pizzas from them and have been very impressed with the taste and the fact they have warned us a couple of times that a certain topping or sauce we have picked contains gluten and suggested an alternative. 2 thumbs up for Hell Pizza from me.

Posted by Andrew_NR  on  16/10/09  at  07:33 PM

I was unwell for several days after eating a Hell’s Pizza. I rang to tell them but they just weren’t interested so this might be a product that you give carful thought to before eating.

Posted by lee jenkins  on  21/10/09  at  03:22 AM

I tried a gluten free pizza from Hell’s Pizza last night, and was very pleased with the taste of it. However, I was a little dissappointed that it was significantly smaller than the normal bases - and I thought that $9 for a small pizza is a little steep.

Posted by shayshaysster  on  01/12/09  at  07:38 PM

Hell is the only pizza company bothering to come to the gluten free party that I have found so good on them! They are good value and taste great! Thanks Hell!

Posted by lizzy  on  12/02/10  at  06:22 PM

Hell’s Pizza Gluten Free Pizza’s was great, I highly recommend them - actually I have converted a couple of my friends now too - as I brought gluten free and didnt tell them - they all commented on how good the bases where and couldnt believe it when I told them - so they now order gluten free even through they dont need too. 
Also I went to the Mt Albert (Auckland) store only yesterday and noticed they have a number of signs up at the counter indiciating which items on their menu (outside of pizza) that is gluten free.
5 stars to Hell’s Pizza for going that extra mile *****

Posted by Tania  on  18/04/10  at  11:26 PM

Would just like to add that Dominoes Pizza also do Gluten Free bases now and also clearly mark on their menus which topping selections are gluten free. Perfect!

Posted by Emmy  on  21/07/10  at  11:03 PM

When i rang hells pizza they told me that all the toppings are gluten free, which they obviously aren’t! i have had inside word form previous workers that the staff get lazy and don’t actually change the utensils and they use the same pans. they were not able to tell me which toppings i could have on my pizza and said that there will be traces of gluten.

not impressed as they advertise as being ok for coeliacs which they obviously aren’t.

Posted by Brinana  on  05/03/11  at  02:22 AM

I have tried the gluten free garlic bread from Hells and was most dissapointed, just a large lump of rather tastless bread and a small pottle of olive oil, not a crumb of garlic in sight… I also think their online ordering is a little confusing, you can select GF base on the website, but its not clear that it only relates to the thicker base and is not available on the thin uncle tobys base, so I ordered this in error, frustrating.
A recent complaint to a Hamilton branch due to poor pizza’s etc did yeild a small credit, but I just havn’t felt the urge to go back…

Posted by Marcia  on  19/10/11  at  12:52 AM

Used the Rotorua Hells Pizza they the base was too oily and tasted bad.

They included toppings which had wheat on them and didn’t inform us.

Everyone in the household who was gluten free had a reaction. When informed of thier oversight they were rude and stated they didn’t like making gluten free pizzas and recommended we complain to head office for all they cared.

I would never buy a gluten free Pizza from Hell again.

We did have great experinces with Dominoes until they changed thier menu. The biggest issue with Dominoes was staff at Taupo Dominoes often refused to put a gluten free order through and regularly asked me to order a wheat based pizza instead.

Posted by Judith  on  25/10/11  at  06:22 AM

Have ordered gluten free pizzas from our local Dominos store on a number of occassions recently - they are fab!!!!
so nice to be able to order something ‘normal’ like the rest of the family but know its gluten free..

Posted by C Murphy  on  27/02/12  at  03:32 AM

I had a dominoes pizza in cairns recently and it was wonderful compared to the base here in NZ - maybe the recipe is different??. its great to be able to order gluten free here but they could inprove on it, I find it gritty and sometimes undercooked.
Have only had hells pizza gf once and it was beautiful!!!

Posted by Poppy3  on  31/05/12  at  01:18 PM

Just a warning guys: the Dominoes pizzas are NOT gluten free. The base itself is gluten free before any prep but dominoes themselves say it is not GF by the time it is the box and definitely not suitable for people with coeliac disease.

“Whilst Domino’s Pizza takes due care preparing their pizzas, due to not being an exclusive gluten free environment, it cannot be guaranteed that these pizzas will be 100% free from gluten”

Also this video:


Posted by meccanica  on  12/07/12  at  08:33 AM

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