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Hubbards Gluten Free Cornflakes

By Teresa on 04 January 2010 | Viewed 10202 times

Hubbards Gluten Free Cornflakes


Gluten free light crispy cornflakes inflused with apple juice


Just as the description says, light flakes of corn with a hint of apple juice. The recipe is so simple, I’m surprised ‘regular’ cornflakes don’t follow suit. Low on sugar, no artificial sweetners, colours or flavourings. Proudly New Zealand made by a reputable company specialising in breakfast cereals. Also wheat free, dairy free and soy free.


I don’t have any, but those with allergies to nuts need to avoid as peanuts and tree nuts are also processed on the same site.

Bottom Line

Not too sweet, very crunchy and yum! I haven’t had cornflakes for over 5 years and non of the previous gluten free corn products have ever done anything to inspire me to try them, but I just had a feeling Hubbards would do a good job and they definately have! Will be putting them on the shopping list again. Would also be perfect for a range of biscuits recipes etc that call for cornflakes.


Corn (95%), Apple Juice Concentrate (4%), Salt, Emulsifier (471), Vitamins (Niacin, Thiamine, Roboflavin, Folic Acid), Mineral (Iron).

Price Paid - $5.59

Comments about this product / add yours

Hey there, I haven’t seen these in the supermarket so I will be asking! I LOVE cornflakes… well to qualify that I became obsessed with them in the weeks before I had to go gluten free - go figure!  I eat the Hubbards Thank Goodness gluten free for brekkie now with fruit and yoghurt (Puhoi - divine!), it’s ok although sometimes the fruit (bits)are really hard. 

HMMmmmmm cornflakes here I come!!!  Thanks.

Posted by Vicki Keast  on  17/04/10  at  04:57 AM

Have been having this all this week for the first time and it is good, although I paid nearly $7 for it here in Nelson. I’m planning to use it as a base for building a slightly more interesting breakfast cereal by adding sone dried bananas, apricots, whole buckwheat grains, seeds, nuts etc. Yum. Would be great if the price could come down to a more realistic level as there is nothing much in the recipe causing the big cost.

Posted by meccanica  on  22/04/10  at  06:29 AM

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