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Liberte Wholemeal Loaf by Bakeworks

By staceydavidson on 24 March 2011 | Viewed 5171 times


New Natural Wholemeal Sliced Loaf from the Organic bakeworks team.


Lovely light, moist tasty gluten free bread that toasts well. (I preferred mine only slightly brown).
Much lighter and more digestible than other gluten free breads I have tried.
Lovely light flavour ideal for condoments or with savory toppings like avacado and cheese.
This bread sets a new benchmark for gluten free breads.


Perhaps a larger size slice would be nice. Not thicker but a larger surface area (so i can fit my 2 poached eggs on top).
Resealable bag would be useful.

Bottom Line

A great product…will keep buying. Better than any others I have tried! I look forward to breakfast.


Price Paid - $5.95

Comments about this product / add yours

I found this bread truly awful & the worst GF bread I have bought yet.
As soon as any moist topping/filling comes in contact with the bread it gains the consistency of pappy over-cooked rice.
I tried using it for a toasted sandwich & it did toast nicely on the outside but again - the inside went pappy and was very unpleasant to eat.

Posted by Rae Lentz  on  18/08/13  at  12:02 AM

I like this as much as the original, though as with most gluten free breads it is better toasted, but you can heat it for a few seconds in the microwave and it is nicer. Pity it is not stocked so much in my area, I get several loaves/variates. Liberte now does a grain one which I adore !!!
Appreciate the straight forward ingredient list on the back and natural ingredients

Posted by Ruth  on  18/08/13  at  04:55 AM

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