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Otello’s Italian Pork Sausages

By TraceySmith on 19 April 2011 | Viewed 4792 times


Otello’s traditional Italian pork sausages are made from the finest and freshest ingredients - no gluten, no preservatives and no additives, just 100% New Zealand meat, fresh herbs and spices.

Their cured meats are gluten and preservatives free.


TASTE: 100% Flavour
The taste of the sausages was unlike any sausage ever tasted - they tasted of food, not scraps of meat from the butcher’s floor.

HOW TO BUY: Listen out for the Italian at the market
I came across these sausages at the Birkenhead Farmers Market. After speaking with the Italian producer Luca, he told me about the ingredients they use ie uncaged pigs, natural herbs and spices etc and the no gluten, no preservatives or additives.


You can’t over-cook or the sausage dries out. Not really a bad thing as it proves the meat is very lean.

Bottom Line

Very delicious range of sausages including SALSICCE DI CINGHIALE - free range wild boar. The sausages were $18 for 10 sausages.


100% NZ pork
No gluten or wheat
No starch
No preservatives
No additives
Dairy Free
GE Free
Nut Free

Sausages are made with the freshest cuts, organic certified spices and organic certified salt.

Price Paid - $10-15

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