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Pavilion Frozen Flaky Pastry

By Qriusgeorge on 01 December 2011 | Viewed 17439 times


Pavilion have entered the GF pastry market and offer a range of frozen pastry’s - flaky, shortcrust, sweet.  This reveiw is for flaky only. It comes in 400g blocks, I purchased a block at my local New World for $6.99.


At $6.99 its not the most expensive gluten free pastry I have seen.


Where to start - this pastry looks, smells and feels like playdough. It is unrollable - it stuck to everything: the rolling pin, the non stick board, it even stuck to baking paper and cling film (when rolled in between sheets of either baking paper or cling film - my usual trick for difficult to roll gf pastry).  I tried flouring it with GF flour - still no result.  I can’t tell you what it tasted like as I couldn’t even “peicemeal” it together to press into a pie dish.  The smell alone put me off anyway.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an expensive alternative to playdough - this is it.


Gluten Free Flour [Starch (Maize, Modified Maize (1422), Potato, Tapioca), Rice Flour, Soy Flour], Margarine [Palm Oil, Water, Salt, Emulsifier (471, Soy Lecithin), Antioxidant (307), EDTA (385), Colour (160A), Flavour], Water, Iodised Salt.

Price Paid - $6.99

Comments about this product / add yours

Thanks for this review and the heads up. I actually have some in the freezer and haven’t used it yet, at least now I know what to expect. Have also bought some Phoenix Bakery flaky pastry as well, so hopefully that fairs better!

Posted by Teresa  on  06/12/11  at  09:59 PM

I also found this pastry very hard to work with but sill managed to make a nice tasting pie with it.  I had to press the pastry into my pie dish (as rolling it made a mess).  I had to roll a small piece for the top with rice flour which i cut into strips to place over it.  The pastry cooked well and made a nice tasting pie. Was not as nice as the other 2 brands of gf flaky pastry i use but still good and cheaper.

Posted by mandups  on  10/01/12  at  05:48 AM

I bought some of the Pavillion GF flaky pastry at the Gluten and Allergy show last year. Decided I better use it up and made 4 bacon and egg pies. I had enough pastry for the bases and just used the left overs to put some strips over the top.

I rolled it between two sheets of baking paper - didnt seem bad to work with. You need to keep it cool(ish) to work with of course.

Was very pleased with the results - will never be as flaky as wheat based pastry - but it did have ‘some’ flake..

Will buy again - just need to find it! Countdown have it on their website at $6.49 - dont know if they all have it.

Posted by Robert  on  13/02/12  at  12:49 AM

I have used this pastry twice and have no problems with it - I dusted my work surface with rice flour and kept it cold and used a cold rice flour dusted marble rolling pin and we love it - we are all Gf and dairy free so pastry is a real treat - made some yum sausage rolls!

Posted by Tracey  on  28/04/12  at  03:56 AM

I have used this pastry twice now.
The first attempt was a real disaster - stuck to everything, wouldn’t roll out and couldn’t get it from the bench to the dish. The playdough comment above is so true, it got used by the kids as this very product when I had given up. In the end I had to stick it together and keep my fingers crossed. Apparently it tasted ok but I couldn’t bring myself to eat it.
The second attempt I used it when it was barely defrosted and it was great. I had to work really fast and used some GF flour to stop it sticking to anything. Managed to roll it out nice and thin, into the dish and it worked perfect. Was almost as good as my non-GF apple pie.

Posted by Elanor  on  12/11/12  at  01:27 AM

I love this pastry. You just have to keep it cold. I use it out of the fridge and don’t let it get warm before working with it. Lots of flour on the board.
But I find it has a really good taste and my GF husband loves that he can eat pies again.

Posted by Miranda L  on  26/11/12  at  12:56 AM

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