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Pavillion Gluten Free Bread

By Teresa on 05 June 2009 | Viewed 12067 times


This is pretty new on the Gluten Free market. A white, sliced loaf of bread from Pavillion Foods. I’ve really enjoyed their slices in the past, so was quite keen to sample their bread. This loaf was bought at Countdown, Whangarei.


This loaf has the look of a traditional ‘gluten’ bread. It doesn’t crumble at all, is quite light (not like the usual ‘bricks’) and was actually pretty soft when I opened the packaging. It toasted well and was quite enjoyable, I also think it would be excellent bread to use for french toast, or bread based puddings.


I found it tasted quite sweet, for a white loaf, it seemed more like a sweet sponge. It does contain egg, yeast, maize and soy. The packaging seems a bit excessive but perhaps it’s needed to keep it fresh (has a shelf life of approx 3 weeks). Selling at $7.75 for 630gms, I found it quite a bit more expensive than what I would usually pay, considering it contains no other seeds, grains and isn’t organic like other brands.

Bottom Line

I probably wouldn’t be going back for seconds. Although I do think it is a pretty good white loaf, the price puts me off, $7.75 for 14 slices, does seem a bit excessive to me. If you have the money and want to make a nice bready type pudding or some yummy breakfast, then this is the loaf for you.


Gluten Free Flour (Rice, Maize, Potato, Soy), Water, Modified Maize Starch (1422), Yeast, Egg, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Sugar, Preservative (220).

Price Paid - $7.75

Comments about this product / add yours

I loved this bread. Great for toasting, toasted sandwiches and when I first opened the loaf I had a fresh bread sandwich. It was great! Most other gluten free breads are like cardboard—very dry.The cost of the loaf is worth every cent.

Posted by Jan  on  06/06/09  at  09:16 AM

i found it very nice at first compared to other gluten free breads but after eating 3/4 of a loaf i got sick of it very very quickly

now i cant even look at the stuff it tastes sickening.

ive given up on gluten free bread and i just dont eat bread, as there isnt one that tastes good, in my opinion.

Posted by Matt  on  06/06/09  at  05:01 PM

I bought a linseed and soy loaf at New World in Kawerau. It was absolutely delicious and I was very impressed. It was $7.30, and the white loaf, which I didn’t try, was cheaper, so Countdown Whangarei is charging way more. I am going to try and find where I can buy this bread in Auckland, as I felt it was worth buying.

Posted by Jude  on  16/06/09  at  01:12 AM

i discovered this bread at New World Ohakune last week for my 3 year old son. after having tried so many bread for him i finally found one he was soft enough to actually make him a sandwich and It only cost me $5.06 which i thought was reasonably cheap. You can also get a sundried tomato flavoured one.

Posted by Niketa  on  29/06/09  at  10:17 PM

i found this bread in pac and sav in Gisborne last week. the best i’ve tried so far. can you please do a regular order there, it would be so great to have some decent GF bread for a change!

Posted by Sue Cowan  on  08/09/09  at  09:48 PM

I got this from our local Woolworths and paid $7.60 for the loaf of white bread. The other flavours were $8.50. I am quite pleased with the loaf I bought, it toasts well and isn’t as absorbant as the other GF breads I have tried.

Posted by shayshaysster  on  01/12/09  at  11:54 PM

The sundried tomato loaf is delicious, and the soy & linseed varieties is pretty good. I’ve been eating them for several months now and I’m nowhere close to tired of them.

You can get these flavours from Levin New World for $6.90 or Otaki New World for $8.90 - weird price disparity for shops which are 15 minutes apart!

The soy and linseed is very good for making breadcrumbs, though in my opinion the crumbs are not as tasty as Purebread Corn & Seed bread.

Both are good for an open sandwich but, as with all the GF breads I’ve tried, too dense for a 2-slice sandwich. Both toast beautifully.

Posted by Hayley  on  02/01/10  at  09:46 PM

Our 4 year old son was diagnosed a severe coeliac (if there is such a thing, he reacts to even the most minor cross contamination in an intense way) and we’ve struggled to make or buy a bread that he would have to be cajoled into eating. He loves this loaf and it can be toasted or made into sandwiches. We’d recommend it highly!

Posted by Deborah  on  04/01/10  at  07:11 AM

Ohhhhhh I love this bread.  Three flavours, so when you got sick of one flavour you can just change!
I make sammies, toast, even had french toast (in bed, thanks Husband)!

I buy from New World Waikanae for $6.90.  Its the only place on the Kapiti that has it, and also had a huge range, in one area. (Not spread out around the shop.  I hate that).

Posted by ange_nz  on  22/04/10  at  05:56 AM

Hi, I bought a loaf of your soy and linseed bread last week at New World New Lynn. It is very tasty, but every single slice has crumbled and can only be used as bread crumbs. I suspect something went wrong with your recipe.

Posted by veronica sullivan  on  04/07/10  at  11:44 PM

We are frequent users of the Pavillion Gluten Free Soy & Linseed bread, recently every loaf is crumbling and breaking up into small pieces and is not usable and this is unacceptable for the high price of the bread, I did return the one loaf to NW Oamaru and they replaced it with the same bread. Just purchased another bread BB 18/08/10 (15011) and is doing the same. Very disappointed.

Posted by Sania Smit  on  11/08/10  at  07:17 AM

This is the only bread I buy. It is so nice to have soft fresh bread that doesn’t crumble and fall apart when you eat it.

Posted by Brenda  on  12/09/10  at  07:38 AM

I bought my usual Soy and Linseed loaf from Countdown Church Corner, and is now available in grocery after looking in the bakery. After talking to the bakery lady, she said that all the Pavillion products have moved to grocery and when I looked in the bread section, I also noticed how the price has reduced. My Soy has gone from $9.14 to $7.99 and the Plain loaf is $6.99. They also hace Pizza bases in their.

Posted by Julie Hayde  on  23/09/10  at  11:36 PM

Recently have been very disappointed as every loaf just crumbles and are unable to use as you dont get even one decent slice out of an almost $8 loaf of bread. Have tried taking back to supermarket to get replaced but just have the same thing happen to the next loaf - very disappointing!!!!!!!!!

Posted by craig thorne  on  02/10/10  at  08:01 AM

Pavillion GF bread is by far the best I’ve had to date.I like the linseed & soy one best although they are all good. It does have to be handled very carefully as it has a tendency to crack or break which is a pain.It needs to be toasted lightly to make crumbs as it’s very moist.
In Blenheim it is around $8 which is a lot for a small loaf.

Posted by Juliet  on  17/12/10  at  04:15 AM

Pavillion Foods have just launched some new frozen pastries. I bought the Savory and made some sausage rolls which were yummy. Haven’t been able to make or have a sausage roll for ages. they have sweet and flaky.
Well done Pavillion Foods

Posted by Julie Hayde  on  21/01/11  at  08:32 PM

Hi, my eldest daughter and I have tried several different brands of Gluten Free bread and have been quite happy with them but it frustrates me that they are all so expensive.
I could buy a 10kg bag of spuds for the same price as two loaves of Pavillion Gluten Free Bread.
We’re grateful to have these products available but wouldn’t you expect prices to become lower as the higher amount of Celiac Sufferers becomes more apparent!. I know it isn’t cheap to produce of lot of the ingredients and end results but…....
My daughter couldn’t go through a biopsy so isn’t subsidised either.
Cheers Bernie

Posted by Bernadette Hodgkinson  on  20/02/11  at  08:12 PM

hey, me and my boyfriend are currently glutenfree as part of our diet. i am quite shocked at the prices of gf bread which can be quite average. we tried buergen and i didn’t like it. but apparently pandoro does some great glutenfree bread, different styles as well for only $6 a loaf and my friend told me how she got some nice fresh gf bread from our local woolworths store for only $4…. deffenitly gonna try that out….

Posted by lysann  on  27/03/11  at  09:44 AM

We have been buying the Fresh n Free Gluten Free Bread range for the past 6 months after previously buying Pavilion. The Fresh n Free LSA loaf and Seriously Seeded loaf are amazing. Cant be compared to any other Gluten Free bread on the market in my opinion. Available in lower north island only at present I think…

Posted by Daniel  on  25/05/11  at  08:36 AM

The new Vogels range is amazing and unlike Pavillion stays fresher for longer so you can have “fresh” sandwiches for more than one day.  The Pavillion standard has dropped dramatically I have found the bread to be really crumbly and full of holes so its not even good for toast. I’ve stopped buying it. Ok, Vogels is slightly more expensive but totally worth it to be able to have sandwiches, rather than paying $7 or $8 and get nothing but breadcrumbs.

Posted by Qriusgeorge  on  13/11/11  at  05:49 AM

Hi a comment for Debroha from Jan 2010, yes it is possible to be severly reactive to wheat/gluten, my daughter gets migraine like headaches and vomits for hours!!!!!.
You can get tablets ($1 each) to take if your going somewhere and think your child/you may have eaten something supsicious, sorry will ask her the name, it’s an enzyme. Ask at your local Pharmacy. If you have no luck let me know and I’ll hunt down the name.
Cheers Bernie.

Posted by Bernadette Hodgkinson  on  24/11/11  at  07:57 PM

I just made the mistake of opening a pavilion loaf packed with my teeth and inhaled what smelt and tasted like gas! 5 mins later I have only finished coughing… YUCK! my husband wonders if they inflate the packet with gas to keep it fresh for so long on the shelves and that is why the packet is so puffed up? Needless to say I won’t be buying this brand anymore.

Posted by Lisa  on  27/07/12  at  07:28 AM

Buy Pavilion GF soy and linseed from different outlets around
Chrischurch and so often find they are mouldy.  Need to be very careful checking dated stock on shelves and to look between the slices before purchasing for signs of mould.

Posted by Pam  on  30/03/13  at  07:56 PM

I was disappointed when i was shopping at Fresh Choice to see the price of the bread was up to over $9 dollars due to this was not able to buy it. Though when at Pack n Save it was 6 or so dollars which was great but what was not good was 2 days after purchase even though I keep the bread in a sealed container it had started going mouldy.


Posted by Cheryl Hitchlock  on  13/05/13  at  01:49 AM

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