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Radiance Digest Gluten

By Sandra on 31 October 2011 | Viewed 6643 times


While shopping in a health shop the other day I came across this product, the Radiance Digest Gluten.

I haven’t tried it but I’ve just pulled a description from the website:

Radiance Digest Gluten is for use as a digestive aid at times when gluten containing foods may not be avoidable or the gluten content of the food is unknown. Will assist with gluten and protein digestion helping to minimise digestive upset from occasional gluten ingestion.


There is one review on the website saying it really works!

Here’s the website, check it out for yourselves:


Bottom Line

I’m definitely going to try it out!

If it works for me I’m going to be thrilled!! Sal’s Pizza here I come!



Ingredients per capsule:

BioCore® DPP IV active enzyme blend 100mg
Protease 500 DPP-IV
Protease 30,000 HUT
Protease 8.5 AP

100% Vegetarian.

Also contains: Cellulose capsule, rice bran, microcrystalline cellulose.

Contains no: Artificial preservatives, flavouring or colours.

Price Paid - $31.50

Comments about this product / add yours

I purchased this product last week with the idea that I could now go out for a meal and eat whatever I wanted.  It didn’t work.  I went to a work do that night, and ate a couple of things that were not GF. I was horribly ill that night.
I then phoned the company that market the product and they advised that it was for use when you weren’t sure whether you were eating totally GF food and would minimise any upsets should you come into contact with some gluten in your food.
So sorry folks don’t expect to use the product and then eat your “old favourite foods” - there is no product that will let you do that…

Posted by amcb  on  05/11/11  at  10:57 PM

I understand you are supposed to take this product BEFORE you knowingly eat Gluten and it will help you to digest it… sounds suitable only for gluten intolerant people willing to deliberately poison themselves to me!  Might be useful to reduce impact of accidental consumption?

We swear by a homeopathic “carbo veg 200” to moderate/reduce the effects of accidental digestion (take it every 15 mins as soon as you notice you are reacting).  You can order online from the homeopathic pharmacy in wellington (Simillium I think).  We found this after many years of trialling different homeopathics.


Posted by Clare  on  07/07/12  at  01:42 AM

A friends son carries this where ever he goes. Being 17 he finds it difficult to eat gluten free when out with his mates. It works for him sometimes. I think he depends on it too much.

Posted by Royal  on  11/08/12  at  01:11 AM

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