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San Remo Pasta Range

By Teresa on 19 June 2007 | Viewed 27235 times

San Remo Pasta Range


This pasta comes in a range of shapes including Penne, Spirals, Spaghetti, and Lasagne. It’s Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free and 98% Fat Free. You can find it at most New World Supermarkets and The Warehouse Superstores. This is the best Gluten Free pasta available, in fact it’s so good, you’re Gluten loving friends and family won’t even notice the difference. It holds it’s shape well, cooks in 8-10 minutes and has a lovely ‘al dente’ taste. The only way it really differs from ‘normal’ pasta is that it fills you up a lot quicker. Yum, bring it on! Check out their website for further info…


Almost like the ‘real thing’ only Gluten Free. Great price, $3.89 for 250gm. Most other pastas sell for around $5



Bottom Line

Buy it.


Maize Starch (68%), Potato Starch, Soya flour, Rice Starch and Emulsifier E471

Price Paid - $3.89

Comments about this product / add yours

Great news - and thankfully the larger companies are cottoning onto the Gluten free concept - good price, good product.  Thumbs up!

Posted by Troy  on  19/08/07  at  10:41 PM

Love this, tastes like wheat pasta and holds it’s shape!. Great shop in Takapuna North Shore I E produce sells loads of wheat free products.

Posted by Melissa  on  02/10/07  at  08:56 AM

The absolute BEST pasta…the great part is it is not noticed to be any different by everyone!!

Posted by Jaxx  on  22/10/07  at  09:50 AM

Agree fantastic pasta.  Please put pressure on Foodtown to stock.  They are increasing there GF range but this is not an item they look like stocking yet.  Pressure them.

Posted by Raa Austin  on  02/01/08  at  08:18 PM

Best GF Pasta by far.

Posted by jharrylong  on  08/04/08  at  09:25 AM

grin San remo hit the jackpot with this, by far the best Pasta i have ever eaten

Posted by Jonigirl  on  09/04/08  at  07:56 AM

I love the spagetti, and lasana much better than normal pasta, my son who is a chef even prefers gluten free spagetti says more al dente not all gluggy

Posted by Renee  on  15/05/08  at  04:04 AM

Of all the pastas we’ve tried, San Remo is the best and most people don’t notice its not gluten free! Its also one of the cheaper gluten free pastas available.

Posted by Sarah  on  11/06/08  at  10:11 PM

Good taste,I think it’s a high quality pasta,Fantastic. Great news for pasta lovers like me. It’s much better than the normal pasta. The price is a bit on the higher side.

Posted by Discover the best Baked  on  12/07/08  at  02:45 PM

I’ve gotta agree. I’ve just gone gluten free, and San Remo GF pasta was one of the first GF products I tried. It tastes good, and you can hardly tell the difference between this and ordinary pasta. Great in a pasta bake!

Posted by HannahRuth  on  15/07/08  at  12:00 PM

Purchased San Remo Spaghetti, it did not separate all that easily, at the end of cooking time, I had to rinse in hot water to rid murky, sticky water.  Taste good and light.  Children liked it.

Posted by Anita  on  28/08/08  at  07:21 AM

Anita, try a small amount of oil in the boiling water prior to putting in the pasta.  Also stirring in the first minute or so will stop the sticking.

Posted by Raa Austin  on  28/08/08  at  08:48 PM

sick  Wee did not eat spuds in my home always had pasta or rice and when made to go GFluten free I had to learn to eat spuds Well I thought that was a punisment in it’s self. So looked hard for Gluten free pasta and found most of it was pretty BAD. San Remo did not rate that well with me but have to say it’s better than most.

I prefer Healtheries pasta range, But to be fair to San Remo I have to mention It’s the cheapest GF past I have found.

Posted by justness  on  31/08/08  at  10:08 AM

Yup, we like this pasta in our house.  The price at $3.65 is reasonable and our local Pak’n'Slave supermarket stocks it.
This is making the gluten-free thing much easier.

Posted by Momma  on  22/09/08  at  01:55 AM

Oh! the first time I saw this product I just put it in my trolley without much fuss, I was really expecting spaghetti cardboard again.  But no! it wasn’t cardboard at all!! it tasted like food!.  I mean real food! I went back that same night and bought a dozen, had pasta for about 2 weeks, every day.  Puzzled looks from family.. “Pasta, again?”... “yep, quiet, eat your pasta”. LOL

Posted by ElizabethNZ  on  24/11/08  at  05:38 AM

I love your Gluten Free Pasta, I have been buying it at my local supermarket, PaknSave, but it seems they are going out of the Gluten free range, can you tell where I can buy it now from in Timaru please.

Kind Regards Suzanne Hunter

Posted by suzanne hunter  on  07/12/08  at  10:22 PM

Fantastic pasta - found the spaghetti went from uncooked to al dente very quickly - so needs a close eye after 4 mins or so - but with a tsp of olive oil in the water there was a lovely pasta texture which my husband (a chef) even enjoyed! LOL

Posted by Rachel  on  29/06/09  at  06:28 AM

Do you also have other Gluten-Free pasta like Pappardelle? I have been looking for this in a long while.  Thanks much

Posted by Marie  on  12/01/10  at  11:41 PM

I can’t buy the San Remo gluten free because I’m allergic to soy as well as coeliac.  I think there is a con with the pasta.


It contains one of the common allergens (soy)

I wish I could try it but I can’t.  I’ll stick to Orgran.  I personally think they’re unbeatable!!

Posted by amy b  on  26/07/10  at  04:57 PM

I have not had a good experience yet with the Gluten Free Spaghetti.  I have cooked exactly to packet instructions, I have done it slower, I have tried adding oil to the boiling water but nothing seems to make it like any of the other reviews I have read here.  Where am I going wrong?
I can say that I personally prefer using asian rice noodles that you can find at your local supermarket or at oriental markets/supermarkets (the best in town being Sew Hoy’s Oriental Foods).  They are made of rice and water.  No soy, egg, dairy, gluten, nuts, lentils.  I have severe food allergies and they would be the easiest and cheapest way to have “spaghetti” in my honest opinion.  They do taste different, but different isn’t necessarily bad.  So do try other things besides the western foods guys!  It is much cheaper too!!

Posted by Amy  on  28/12/10  at  07:54 AM

hi just found your website will be trying
your san remo pasta range so far only tried
orgran, but would like to try others
that are wheat glutin and dairy free.
bieng a celiac it has been hard to find pasta
and spagetti, only my health store has a
range that I can eat, will try yours, and
check what it tastes like, can you buy the
products on line, how would you pay for them
with a debit card maybe, please let me know,
thanks from mrs pat rowden, use my email
address ok.

Posted by pat  on  01/11/11  at  08:01 AM

hi name is pat have not tried san remo
pasta range yet but will be trying soon
cant wait to try,can get in my local
woolies or coles.
thanks for your range of pasta’s good to
know whats out there for sombody with a lot
of allergies food problems.

Posted by tinymouse  on  05/11/11  at  12:33 PM

Things I love about San Remo GF pasta:
- its in most regular supermarkets, no online or speciality shopping required;
- its the same price as regular San Remo pasta;
- its easy to cook, use a big pot and a splash of EVOO, and watch it in the last minute of cooking ( because it can turn quickly); and best of all
- the non-GF members of the household could not tell the difference!

Posted by Rachel  on  05/11/11  at  09:13 PM

hi my name is pat and i must agree the san remo
spagetti is very cool, before I bought the
orgran range of spaghetti. was nice, tasted ok
and there pasta range is ok too, I was geting
mine from the heathy life store in elizabeth,
was fine then found san remo website and
noticed there range of glutin wheat and dairy
free range was very exited, but have had trouble getting enough spaghetti, have found
company in queensland that deliver to my home
but at present do not have any san remo
spaghetti, in stock,I have enough spaghetti to
keep going at present, but none of
the san remo spaghetti,will try and get some
from my local coles or woolies, next time
I go in there, again thank you for having
a range of pasta I can eat without any problems
yours Pat Rowden S.A.

Posted by tinymouse  on  15/01/12  at  02:23 AM

I used Pure Vegan B12 spray.There is also a cheaper version that does not advertise vegan but says so on the label called Pure Advantage B12.  The ingredients are identical.

Vitamin B12

Posted by sangram234  on  26/01/12  at  07:37 AM

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