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Scotti ‘Pasta Riso’

By ClaireO on 01 August 2009 | Viewed 6974 times


Rice pasta that is quick to cook and comes in a variety of shapes.  So far I have seen spaghetti, tiny shells and penne.

100% rice means no worrying additives, thickeners or preservatives!


Quick to cook, cheaper than other alternatives.  Quite a light taste, not dense and gummy like a buckwheat pasta.  All the benefits of rice but in a different shape.

Have made macaroni cheese with it and it was great.

$5 for 3 x 250 gram bags from the Barrow grocery shop in Westfield Downtown (Auckland Central).


Cooks really quickly so you need to keep an eye on it. 

Pasta shells seem to hold a bit of water - I guess the shape makes them hard to drain.

So far have only been able to find it at one shop.

Bottom Line

A nice alternative to heavy, gummy gluten free pasta.  Worth trying - I haven’t found any pasta I prefer more and it’s very reasonably priced.


100% rice

Price Paid - $5.00

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Do you know if that store has an online shop to purchase from?

Posted by shayshaysster  on  29/12/09  at  07:54 AM

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