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Shortbread House chickpea crackers

By FC on 01 December 2010 | Viewed 4811 times


I am a big fan of The Shortbread House chickpea crackers with sesame. The company have a large range of GF products at

I’ve tried the poppy seed ones too and their rice crackers with poppy seed - all good.


Crunchy and tasty like a good cracker should be. Chickpea flour and sesame seeds bring a lot of flavour. They are gluten, egg, dairy, sugar and yeast free! I’m happy to eat them just as they are but they are also excellent for dipping into hummus or other dips as they are quite sturdy.
You can order online and get a discount for 2 or more packets.
Their GF pizza bases are also good value and very convenient.


Hmm, their ginger crunch wasn’t to my liking - not so crunchy and topping too thick. But that’s just a personal preference as I like my slices thin.

Bottom Line

The best GF cracker I’ve found lately.


Price Paid - $7for2

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