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Sunshine Organic Treats Rice Crackers

By Teresa on 19 February 2008 | Viewed 6941 times

Sunshine Organic Treats Rice Crackers


These crunchy bite size crackers can be eaten on their own or with any savoury dip. Quite different from the usual rice cracker, these have more bulk and therefore a lot more filling. Made right here in New Zealand. Check out their website:


They are more filling than the usual rice cracker. They can also be eaten by people with a range of allergies because they are Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegan, and GE Free. Made with 90% Organic Ingredients.


They are basically taste free. My 2yr old enjoyed them though, so can’t be all bad. Oh and they are pretty hard to bite, so be warned if you have weak teeth!

Bottom Line

I would probably leave these on the shop shelf. Personally I like a bit more flavour from my snacks. Especially when I’m paying around $5 for approx 150gm worth of crackers. Great if you do know someone with multiple allergies, but make sure you serve them with a tasty dip!


Certified organic brown rice flour, starch (tapioca), certified organic palm shortening, sea salt, raising agent (baking soda).

Price Paid - $5.20

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