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Woolworths Freefrom Savoury Chive and Onion Biscuits

By Teresa on 19 February 2008 | Viewed 8521 times


These are bite size savoury biscuits, with a chive and onion flavour. Made in Australia. See


Great bite size, plenty in a packet and a good price.


These are extremely crumbly ‘biscuits’, in fact there is no chance you could put these in your lunch box or take them anywhere! They seem to just dissolve in your hands and in your mouth. Personally I didn’t really like the taste of them, very artificial. Contains Flavour Enhancers 627, 631., and Sulphur Dioxide.

Bottom Line

These are staying in the shop. Good on Woolworths for trying, but I think they could do better.


Butter (Cream, Water), Maize Starch, Rice Flour, Maize Syrup (Preservative 220)), Golden Syrup, Dried Onion Flakes (3%), Chicken Stock Powder (Flavour Enhancers (627, 631), Acidity Regulator (330), Salt, Chives (0.3%).

Price Paid - $3.29

Comments about this product / add yours

I was nearly sick when I tried one of these! Saw them lying around and didn’t realise they were savoury,it dissolved in my mouth before i could spit it out sick

Posted by Jane  on  19/02/08  at  11:07 PM

I like the other Freefrom products I have tried but I found these so bad I couldn’t even finish one. They tasted really salty and the texture was crumbly. They just need to go back to the drawing board on this one; their chocolate biscuits are great.

Posted by Margaret  on  24/03/08  at  09:33 AM

I thought that they tasted really artificial too and much to crumbly.  I am really concerned to note that many gluten free products have heaps of preservatives and I have realised that I do also react to preservatives especially 220.  If producers of a product are going to the trouble of making something gluten free or dairy free etc, why not go to the extra trouble of making them preservative free - more natural.  I would be willing to pay extra.

Posted by Janet Ruxton  on  07/04/08  at  10:20 PM

I agree, eating these was a horrible experience. They tasted like they’d been coated in cheap dried soup mix. But, have just tried the Freefrom Choc coated biscuits (with the chocolate stripes on top) and they’re delicious!

Posted by Kirsten  on  25/05/08  at  05:53 AM

I agree about them tasting like awful dried soup mix. I put them in a bag and in the freezer straight away - thought I might crumble one up on top of a pie or something for flavouring.. but I’ll never eat one on its own again.

Posted by Gill  on  07/10/09  at  08:28 PM

These biscuits are horrible, they are not made with any quality ingreadients. You might as well be eating handfulls of soup mix/flour.

Posted by pixieinboots  on  02/12/09  at  07:16 AM

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