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Woolworths ( Nelson) Gluten Free Bread

By Crayfish on 17 July 2008 | Viewed 7110 times


This is a very small white loaf which when toasted, looks just like white bread and the taste is not bad either.


The price! At $2.45, it is a great price and we shall be stocking up on loaves.


It is a small loaf - between the two GF people in our household, this loaf was gone in a day! Perhaps that should be a good recommendation!

Bottom Line

Love the price and shall be buying again. We have tried other GF breads made by Woolworths and they were pretty awful, but this was fine.


Maize starch, Yoghurt powder, soy flour, whey protein,emulsifier, canola oil,salt, water, yeast

Price Paid - $2.45

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I regularly get this bread because of the price & convenience. However I do find it a bit dry. There is better bread out there - but you pay so much more for it.

Posted by Camille  on  22/07/08  at  11:52 PM

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