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fluufy, light, easy, delicious! had to add a little more milk though smile

By gracie on 22/08/2013

From the entry 'Thick & Fluffy Pancakes - Jamie Oliver Style'.

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This is an interesting recipe. I like all types of breads and I like experimenting too. So i guess I’ll try this one soon. Thank you for sharing this! smile

By Angela Z on 18/08/2013

From the entry 'Injera Bread (Ethiopian Flat Bread)'.

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Gluten Free Desserts Recipes

Lemon drizzle cake ›


Simple, sweet, light and lemony deliciousness

By Teresa on 02 February 2015 | Viewed 30010 times Read on ›

Apple & Cinnamon Quinoa Cake ›

  • 54321

This is a delicious gluten free cake that I have adapted from other recipes.  The quinoa gives the cake a lovely texture which generally can’t be achieved by using rice flour alone.  Rinse the quinoa very well before cooking, and cook in plenty of water so it’s very soft, not al dente as you would use for salads etc.  I also sometimes add in about ¼ cup finely chopped crystallized ginger, and also use a 50/50 mix of apples and feijoas when they’re in season.

By Paris on 11 May 2013 | Viewed 9908 times Read on ›

Orange cupcakes/cake ›

  • 54321

These scrumptious cupcakes are sure to chase your hunger away, they’re easy quick and addictive!
serving 1cake or 12 biiiiig cupcakes or 17 small.

By shilo on 13 April 2012 | Viewed 36428 times Read on ›

White Chocolate and Mint Mousse ›

  • 1 Comment

Delight your guests with this quick and easy dessert..

By Teresa on 06 December 2011 | Viewed 16196 times Read on ›

Pumpkin Cheesecake ›

  • 54321

This is one of my all time favourite recipes. Delicious, sweet and perfect for an alternative Christmas dessert. It is a bit costly to make but believe me it is well worth it and also serves plenty of guests.

By Teresa on 06 December 2011 | Viewed 11890 times Read on ›

Brandy Snaps ›

  • 54321

Delicious gluten free brandy snaps. This fabulous recipe is from Sue Shepherd’s book ‘The Gluten-Free Kitchen’, honestly they are so yummy and pretty easy to make once you get the hang of it.

By Teresa on 04 July 2011 | Viewed 52968 times Read on ›

Fritelle di pere (pear fritters) ›


I made these for a little dinner party. They looked posh and went down a treat. You can also used sliced apple. I had a bit of batter left so I made pancakes for myself the next day.
You can search for other g-f recipes on my Bake Club site,

By FC on 01 December 2010 | Viewed 9882 times Read on ›

Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free Chocolate Cake ›


Whats left when you take all those out?  A really yummy, really easy, fail safe chocolate cake.  I made this for my youngest’s 1st birthday, he suffers from multiple food allergies and everyone laughed at the idea of a cake with no good stuff in it.  Well it disappeared within minutes once people tried it.  This cake was so great as we were hosting a few people with different dietary needs - it ticks pretty much all the boxes.

By pippapal on 23 September 2010 | Viewed 38318 times Read on ›

Flourless Chocolate Cake ›

  • 32101

Only 4 ingredients & none of them specialty items!

By happymumof5 on 23 July 2010 | Viewed 56442 times Read on ›

Sticky Date Pudding ›


I have just discovered this dessert and it’s absolutely devine. Everyone asked for seconds and no-one realised it was gluten free as it was so soft, airy, and moist. Am looking forward to entertaining again just so I can make it! You could also just make the cake without the sauce and it would still be delicious.

By Teresa on 11 June 2010 | Viewed 115642 times Read on ›

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