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Do you know a great gluten free recipe? Why not submit one here...

Garlic Pizza Bread

By foxxx on 24 December 2011 | Viewed 18108 times

A basic starter that’s quick & easy to make and the non coeliacs can’t tell it’s gluten free!


Pak n Save Gluten Free Pizza Base (2 pack) $6.99

Prochef Australia Olive Oil Spray (Garlic infused)

Masterchef Garlic & Herb Salt

“Pizza plus” Mozzarella, Chedder & Parmesan grated cheese


Preheat oven to 180 degrees

Spray defrosted pizza bases with Olive Oil Spray.

Sprinkle cheese (just parmesan will be fine also)over bases

Sprinkle garlic herb salt over bases to taste.

Place in oven for 5 - 10 mins till base starts to lightly brown and cheese melted.

Slice and servce warm as light finger food/ entree

This is a lame recipe

Posted by Zane  on  01/01/12  at  07:01 AM

This isn’t a recipe, I agree it is lame!!!!

Posted by Melissa  on  02/02/12  at  06:34 PM

Don’t be so mean previous reviewers, my flatting gluten free son would need this recipe.

Posted by trishstevo  on  13/04/12  at  08:51 AM

as stated in the recipe it says a ‘basic starter’ did you two complainers think it would be any different but?? i made this and its a great basic starter recipe thats quick, awesome!

Posted by fliss  on  11/08/12  at  11:42 PM

lame is it? i thought this recipe was great smile

Posted by Mizzim  on  20/05/13  at  08:59 AM

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