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Lolly Cake

By fertala on 16 February 2009 | Viewed 66086 times

I missed lolly cake and figured I could never eat it again the main ingrediant being malt biscuits. But I found a recipe that works. here you go. My gluten eaters like it too.


1-1/2 packets of Arnotts rice cookies, crushed (I used one and found it still too wet)
1/2 tin of condensed milk
100gms of butter, melted
1 packet of lollies, you can pick this one, I used fairy mushrooms from New World
Coconut flakes


Put the condensed milk, butter, lollies and one packet worth of crushed buscuits into a bowl. mix it all up, depending on how wet it is add more till it’s a good texture. when you can hold it as a ball in your hands roll it in coconut and stick it in the fridge, let it cool a bit, slice, eat.

just gotta say, apparently the fairy mushroom recipe has changed and now uses wheat glucose. time to find a different lolly.

Posted by fertala  on  04/03/09  at  10:08 PM

Arnotts rice cookies are not 100% Glutenfree

Posted by Keeweemum  on  20/05/09  at  08:51 AM

Is there a way to make it dairy free as well as GF?

Posted by Pixie★Hale  on  26/09/10  at  02:37 AM

Hi. Since I put this recipe up I’ve changed to using Eskal tea biscuits and gluten free marshmallows.

I’m afraid I don’t know of any Dairy Free equivalents as I have never tried. I know it would be difficult to replace the condensed milk.

Posted by fertala  on  05/11/11  at  08:54 AM

There is a soy condensed milk and a soy caramel in a tin on the market. Perhaps one of these could be substituted into this recipe in place of the condensed milk?

Posted by Qriusgeorge  on  13/11/11  at  05:58 AM

There is a dairy free condensed milk alternative! Its called “Soymilke” and comes in caramel or original flavour.  It is available on the Angelfood vegan website.

Posted by Qriusgeorge  on  20/11/11  at  12:52 AM

To get around the gluten free cookie issue….what I do is when things go stale or don’t come up to standards….I cut up and crumble cake or cookies or even bread and throw onto a jelly roll pan.

I set the oven to low and put the pan in. I let it bake while working and check from time to time.

Once baked again and dry. I let it all cool and then pour into a freezer bag.

Then I have crumbs for whatever. I normally separate the bread crumbs from the other so I can coat chicken with it.

Posted by Lj1958  on  04/04/12  at  11:29 PM

Glucose syrup derived from wheat does not contain any gluten as the process of converting it into syrup removes the gluten see article on for more information

Posted by Anna Dowling  on  26/05/12  at  03:54 AM

In regards to dairy free try searching you can make a condensed milk out of their products : )

Posted by Rangi Harrison  on  15/04/13  at  10:41 AM

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