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Nearly Cookietime

By Momma on 30 November 2008 | Viewed 38030 times

If you don’t want to pay $2.90 for a gluten free cookietime,  or you can’t track them down, why not make them yourself?


125g butter (or marg)
1/2c sugar
1/2c brown sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 egg
1 3/4c gluten free flour (I use a mixture of rice, potato and corn flour)
1 1/2 tsp gluten free baking powder
125 g chocolate chips


Beat together the butter and sugars until thick and creamy,then beat in the egg
Add vanilla then sifted dry ingredients
Mix to combine then stir in choc chips.
Roll into balls and give a wee sqoosh with a fork on the baking tray, leave a bit of room for spreading
Bake at 190 for 10-12 mins

This recipe doubles nicely, and the cookie dough freezes well, just place the bikkies on baking paper and freeze on the tray, once they are frozen pop them in a plastic bag, then when you need cookies in a hurry just pull them out, by the time the oven has heated up they are ready to go in the oven (you might need to add a minute or two to the cooking time)

Very good recipe, my girlfriend absolutely loved them! She said they were the best gluten free bikkies she’d ever had, so that’s quite an achievement.

Posted by Mat Burns  on  15/03/09  at  06:45 AM

they turned out really well when i made them today.  I used a flour mix with chick pea, tapioca, rice and potato and Olivani rather than butter.  the olivani makes them mix less solid so no rolling possible.  Great bikkies. Thanks for the recipe.

Posted by Maree  on  28/03/09  at  08:33 AM

Thanks for a great recipe.  So easy to make and very nice.

Posted by Ky  on  20/05/09  at  08:50 AM

Thanks for a great recipe! This recipe works brilliantly and lasted well as I baked half the mixture ‘fresh’ and froze the other half. When we hit a Monday with bare cupboards(!), I popped the frozen half in the oven and the kids had morning tea.

Posted by Cherie  on  25/11/09  at  08:25 AM

Wow! These are great! Am sitting eating one as I write this!! Thanks for the recipe.

Posted by crayfish  on  07/12/09  at  10:10 PM

Much better that biscuits with gluten in them. Yum, yum, yum. Again - couldn’t stop the gluten eaters away from them. Would definitely serve these to anyone!

Posted by Kate C  on  22/04/10  at  07:57 AM

Thankyou so much! These are the best cookies I have ever made (gluten-free or not!) Absolutely divine. I’m addicted.

Posted by carlyd  on  22/06/10  at  05:30 AM

Wow, these were fantastic. I rolled the second half of the batch into a ‘sausage’ wrapped in gladwrap to freeze, pulled it out of the freezer and sliced the mix into even thickness cookies, perfection!

Posted by letitiaf  on  11/12/10  at  08:58 PM

Would anyone be able to tell me how many this makes approx.? Thank you

Posted by Jessica  on  12/02/11  at  11:18 PM

I get about 30 biscuits

Posted by Kate  on  13/02/11  at  05:53 PM

Awesome recipe - they are scrumptious! They got so big…will be making smaller balls next time!

Posted by Rachel Holden  on  20/03/11  at  05:27 AM

Can you please advice of the appropriate quantities for a homemade mix of gluten-free flour?  That is, what proportion of rice, potato, and cornflour do you use?

Posted by waiholawoman  on  07/07/11  at  12:26 AM

Have just made some of these and they have turned out amazing - I will have a happy little boy when he sees what’s in his lunch box tomorrow! Thanks for sharing this recipe smile

Posted by mercygrl  on  12/07/11  at  09:18 AM

Simple and successful.  Great recipe - melt in the mouth.

Posted by Tree  on  10/12/11  at  08:37 AM

Recipe was very wet using the provided proportions. Zero chance they could be rolled into anything without a huge amount more dry ingredients.

Posted by LupinS  on  24/04/13  at  06:07 AM

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