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Spud cakes

By pippapal on 28 March 2011 | Viewed 15532 times

This is a great and super easy way to use up your left over mashed spud from dinner the night before.  Great for a quick lunch or snack or you could even pop an egg on top for a bit of a fry up breakie. I make this for my toddler’s daycare lunches the morning of, its just so easy, and if I’m making mashed spud for dinner its no extra work to do a little extra for a quick lunch.


Left over mashed spud - cold

Any additions you want, could add -
- finely chopped spring onion
- cooked bacon pieces
- chopped ham
- chopped sun dried tomatoes
Absolutely anything that you like and think would go well.

GF flour - amount will vary depending on how much spud you have

Oil - reasonable measure


In a good sized bowl add mashed spud and any additions into a bowl.  Add enough flour to make it into a dough - it will become quite obvious when it does, the ‘wetness’ of the mashed spud will go and you can easily handle it. Shape into the sized spud cake that you want.

Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the spud cakes until golden on each side - because everything is already cooked it just needs to heat through.  And then enjoy!

This is very similar to a Scottish recipe for Tattie scones, another way to use up left over mashed tatties, except you dry fry or use a griddle to cook them on until they are golden brown

Posted by Robin Sneddon  on  10/04/11  at  12:15 AM

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