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Emotional ups and downs?

Asked by HayleyL on 24 June 2013 | Viewed 2753 times

My 6yr old daughter is off gluten for a 4 week trial - she doesn’t have celiac but I’m sure she’s gluten intolerant.  We started 4 days ago, and yesterday she looked better than she ever had - she even had colour in her cheeks for the first time in months - even years!  However this morning she was almost depressed.  Didn’t want to leave me, and said that she wanted to cry but she didn’t know why.  She also didn’t feel well this morning despite not eating gluten yesterday, however she did have dairy.

Does anyone know if children experience a ‘down’ once dropping gluten out of their diet for the first time, or do I need to go down the ‘no dairy’ road too?

I’d love some advice - thanks

Answers to this question

Hi Hayley. I was diagnosed last year with Coeliac. My two children aged nearly six and eight were tested about 6 months ago. One came back gluten intolerant but not a definite for Coeliac. The other one’s tests came back negative. However both have tested positive for the gene for Coeliac meaning they could develop it at any stage. That is my background. Regarding your question about the “down”, absolutely “yes” is my answer. I personally know that when I have been “glutened” or had too much dairy I get very low and emotional (exactly that feeling of wanting to cry for no particular reason). That is usually how I can tell I have accidentally consumed gluten. I am mostly dairy free and was totally dairy free for the first six months of being gluten free. Apparently the two intolerances go hand in hand I have read that when you withdraw gluten and dairy from your diet you experience an opiate-like withdrawl effect (i.e. depression etc) and given it was only four days when you posted your post that is definitely a possibility. Obviously I am not an expert, this is just from my personal experience. My son has been gluten free for about two months and we have noticed a big improvement in his energy and behaviour. I have also noticed when he has a lot of dairy he is dark under his eyes.  Anyway, I hope some of that epic answer helps!  That ‘down’ is very common for anyone coming off gluten, not just children from my experience and research. All the best.

Posted by Lindy  on  07/07/13  at  04:33 AM

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