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Gluten/wheat & Fruit/fructose free questions:

Asked by donna45 on 06 June 2013 | Viewed 2759 times

My son (almost 3) is gluten/wheat, caffeine, fruit/fructose and tomato intolerant via hair testing. He has not had a solid stool since birth and gets various raised rashes. I am all new to this, I have been to countdown today to see what is on offer. Any tips, tried and great recipes for a 3 year old. I have other children with no intolerances it seems so at a bit of a loss where I start with snacks and meals!! Many thanks

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Hi Donna,

My 3yo (4 next month) went gf a few months shy of her 3rd birthday. It was very daunting but the difference it made was nothing short of a miracle (major tummy issues leading to horrific behavioural issues).

The rest of our family eat normal bread but other than that 99% of our fridge & pantry is gf now and we feel better for it too.

A few of the blogs I have found and that have saved me/made my life MUCH easier are listed below. I don’t have nearly the difficulty you will have given your added restrictions so I hope they help. It did take me a while to learn how to adapt recipes (esp given the no nuts at preschool) and change my pantry over but i am becoming good at substituting and ad-libbing.

These are not all GF blogs but are all great for different reasons: - you can select GF tags for all GF recipes - great motivation for GF family - not specifically gf but great motivating recipes

I do tend to avoid US based blogs as they tend to incorporate way too many ingredients for my (lazy) liking. There are also a few ingredients, like Corn Syrup, that we can’t get in Australia (substitute glucose mixed with bit water).

It’s a tough, tiring and expensive road to learn and it involves a lot more forethought and preparation but you’ll get there in time.

Good luck & I hope this helps your & your son.


Posted by Anna  on  07/06/13  at  02:01 PM


I have a family of 6 and 2 of us are gluten intolerant. In the past few years I had let it run and ruin my life. Making different meals for everyone is just not practical so it became time to simplify. Now I find it VERY easy. Don’t change a thing, just your ingredients. Bakels gluten free flour(s) were a life saver and San Remo gluten free pasta. Bakels will replace flour in ANY recipe. It will appear runnier before you bake it but WILL work! AS for the pasta, my friends and family couldn’t tell it was gluten free and I don’t even bother to tell them it is such a non issue. As for snacks, rice crackers are great - I’ve found Pams original are cheap, have no MSG and are lower in salt than other brands. You have to think like they did in the old days when it used to be meat and 3 veg, fruit and cheeses for snacks and scones were a Sunday treat! (You can make gluten free scones with Bakels flour)! Pizza night is EASY. I have brought off the shelf pizza bases, muffins, cookies etc that are gluten free, pricey and GROSS! I’m not wasting money any more and if my experience can help you then that’s a win for me! Good luck and don’t sweat it too much - parenthood is hard enough! grin

Posted by Carla Edens  on  26/06/13  at  06:36 AM

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